Kansas City Man Shoots and Kills Fugitive Home Invader

An early morning home invasion ended with the suspected intruder…

An early morning home invasion ended with the suspected intruder shot and killed after a homeowner in Kansas City, MO grabbed his shotgun and fired upon the man who broke into his home just after 5:30 a.m. The intruder suffered life-threatening injuries and died inside the residence, as the homeowner’s wife and child hid in a closet.

Police said the suspected home intruder was responsible for a series of crimes early Wednesday morning. Police said he stole a vehicle in Clay County, MO. After stealing a second car, police pursued him. The suspect ended up driving that car through a garage. Police said the suspect then car jacked a third vehicle – a Ford F150 — at gunpoint at a HyVee near Indiana. Police said the suspect ditched that truck at 92nd and North Brooklyn and from there broke into a home near 90th and Garfield where he fought with the home owner. The suspect fled the scene and broke into a second home, which is where he was shot and killed.

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