Ever since the introduction of their popular line of leather-made belt holsters, the folks at Sneaky Pete have been bombarded with customer requests for a lower-costing and slightly more casual top-flap holster option. Because the customer is always right—and because it’s simply a good idea—Sneaky Pete has designed the Ballistic Nylon belt holster. Featuring the same ultra-discreet, smartphone-case looks as it leather-bound brother holster, the Ballistic Nylon is rendered in 1050 Denier Nylon—the strongest of its type available—making it both less expensive and well suited to casual circumstances. Like the leather variety, the Ballistic Nylon features a magnetically secured flap and Kydex-lined interior; and Sneaky Pete makes a model to fit nearly 100 popular carry pistols (

Advancements in grip design have made handguns more ergonomic than ever. But it remains the case that most grips are made of either polymer or checkered wood—materials that for some shooters may not serve as an optimally comfortable or usable grip surface. For maximum comfort and control, Pachmayr offers its Tactical Grip Glove, a rubbery, flexible and eminently graspable sleeve that slides over the handgun grip. Made to fit over 15 different semi-autos and revolvers of varying size, the Tactical Grip Glove molds seamlessly over a given handgun grip, improving handling while adding little in terms of girth. Ventilated side panels keep the Glove securely in place, and the Glove’s non-adhesive surface leaves your grip untouched on removal (

Simplicity is a virtue—a fact well proven by the Magna-Arm Gun Magnet, a single-piece magnet that keeps your firearm securely stored as well as immediately accessible. Featuring two screw points, the Magna-Arm Gun Magnet can be installed virtually anywhere—in your bedroom, inside a closet, under a desk or even in your car. Capable of holding up to 15 pounds of weight, the Gun Magnet works with any stainless- and polymer-framed handgun, and it features a rubberized surface that keeps your gun scratch-free. Virtually indestructible, the U.S.-made Gun Magnet nevertheless comes with a lifetime warranty (


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