When most people think of Walther, the first thing that comes to mind is probably James Bond’s Walther PPK. But Walther has been taking handgun technology to new heights for quite some time. Enter the PPX, the company’s latest entry into the defensive 9mm market. In the upcoming December 2013 issue of Combat Handguns, author Robert Sadowski puts one through its paces and offers a full report.

According to Sadowski, “Not only is the PPX well built and feature-packed, but it’s also affordable at a retail price of under $449…At first glance, the PPX has a radical look. The ergonomic grip looks different than that on most duty pistols, but the shape is comfortable to hold and helps to naturally point the pistol at the target. The frame is polymer, with a non-slip, cross-directional grip surface. The grip also has a bit of a palm swell, so the PPX feels secure in hand without feeling overly large. The PPX does a great job of stuffing 16 9mm or 14 .40 S&W rounds into the grip without its feeling like a liter-sized bottle of soda.

To learn more of the pistol’s cutting-edge features and how it fared on the range, check out the December 2013 issue of Combat Handguns, available on newsstands and digitally September 17, 2013. To subscribe, go to http://www.personaldefenseworld.com/subscribe.

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