Smith & Wesson continues to provide one of the most comprehensive lines of compact handguns on the market.

The company’s legacy of providing outstanding pistols and revolvers that meet the needs of the shooting public continues unabated. The M&P line continues to grow in popularity amongst law enforcement, the military and the shooting public. Traveling the country, it is increasingly common for me to see an M&P in a duty holster, at training or on the competition range. Unsurpassed customer service coupled with quality manufacturing keeps S&W at the fore of the firearms industry.

S&W revolvers remain one of the most trusted for concealed carry or professional use. With more than two-dozen revolvers dedicated to concealed carry, no one offers a greater variety. If you are in need of a pistol for concealment, or even deep concealment, S&W has you covered.

Bodyguard Series
S&W’s Bodyguard 380 and Bodyguard 38 are some of the smallest in its concealment line. Starting from scratch, S&W wanted to provide the best possible accuracy, reliability and ease of carry for deep concealment. The Bodyguard 380 is a double-action-only (DAO), hammer-fired pistol chambered in .380 ACP, and well suited to deep concealment or even pocket carry. At a bit under 12 ounces it is very light. Its integrated laser makes it perfect for situations where direct sighted fire is just not possible. A true pocket pistol, it provides simple and reliable concealment in a proven caliber.

The Bodyguard 38 satisfies those revolver aficionados in need of light weight and deep concealment. Built using state of the art manufacturing, this five-shot .38 Spl.+P revolver is one the first to integrate polymer materials. These materials, coupled with the latest in manufacturing, provide for a high-quality revolver at a reasonable price. Along with the side-mounted laser, it moves a centuries-old design into the present day, meeting the needs of the modern concealed carry user.

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