In today’s crowded market, a new polymer-framed pistol doesn’t generate quite the attention it did 30 years ago. Once new and radical, an entire generation of shooters has grown up with them, and if you judge by popularity and the number of polymer-framed pistols sold and carried regularly coast to coast, polymer is now the new mainstream in terms of high-capacity duty and concealed carry artillery.

Most tend to be either mid-sized or compact pistols, catering to law enforcement for duty and everyday comfort for those who pack daily, public or private, and the field thins considerably when you start looking for a full-sized, high capacity semi-auto in something above a .40 caliber. The bigger .45 ACP round dictates a bigger .45 ACP launching platform, and the more rounds you try to cram into the magazine, the bigger the magazine has to be, too. Most conventional .45 makers hold the line at nine or so rounds in capacity, trying to keep the pistol’s overall dimensions trim enough to appeal to the majority of their potential customers. As a rule, the idea works. As such a pistol grows in size, its market conversely shrinks, and since most makers like to sell in large volume, challenging the bell curve can be risky. Fortunately, there are companies that’ll take that risk, gambling on attracting a consumer segment mostly ignored by others, and Fabrique Nationale (FN), by way of its Columbia, South Carolina, operation, is one of them.

With a rock-solid history of manufacturing military and civilian weapons, Belgium-based FN has been moving forward and away from traditional products like the classic steel Browning Hi-Power (still manufactured for Browning) and into the more modern camp with its newer FNX series introduced in 2009. Riding the polymer tide, these pistols offer fully competitive features and are chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP. In the big-bore autopistol arena, there isn’t much that competes directly with the FNX-45, and while it’s not one that’ll appeal to the largest demographic of that aforementioned bell curve, if your motto is “bigger equals better,” you should take a look.

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  • kerbal Jackson

    Got one last month. Perfect war weapon. I just retired from the military and let me tell you I would have love to have this on a few deployments. Not saying the old M9 wasn’t good . Hold on. compared to this thing. Yeah I am saying it. BUT. A big but. This thing is big. think Robocop big. hee hee but it does fit a lot of hand so don’t be fool thinking you cant get you hands around it. just don’t confuse it with a beretta nano. LOL. like the writer said it is not that concealable.