Kahr Arms has been making some of the finest subcompact pistols for years. Their high quality makes them one of the best pistols you can acquire for concealed carry. Founded in 1995, Kahr Arms has always been dedicated to providing top-notch pistols for self-protection and concealed carry. Their ingenious design results in a reliable pistol that remains thin and compact—with accuracy that rivals that of full-sized pistols. Kahr’s first pistol, the K9, provided 7+1 rounds of 9mm with a 3.5-inch barrel and overall length of only 6 inches. It was smaller than most .380 ACPs at the time but used a proven caliber. With its 0.9-inch width, it could be carried inside the waistband (IWB) with ease. Revolutionary at the time, it caught on very quickly. Carrying one for years while off duty, I had no issues completing qualifications side by side others using full-sized duty pistols. Chambered in .40 caliber (K40), it became the off-duty and administrative pistol of choice for many. Since then, the Kahr has exploded not only in offerings, but also in popularity.

Kahr’s “trigger-cocking DAO” (double-action-only) design was unique in a pistol this size. Rack the slide, and partially cock the striker. Pressing the trigger rotates a double-lobed cocking cam,drawing the striker back completely while deactivating the integral firing pin safety. At the end of the trigger pull, the striker is released, and the pistol fires. Offsetting the feed ramp allows this design to remain thin and short. The result is a smooth, consistent and predictable trigger in a very compact package. With the introduction of its polymer-framed pistols, the Kahr got smaller, lighter and even more concealable. They remain the first choice for officers working undercover, concealed-carry professionals and anyone wanting a high-quality pistol for self-protection.

In need of a Kahr at a bargain price? The “C” series has you covered. These no-nonsense pistols maintain all the proven features of the Kahr pistols for a bit less money. The CW9 and CW40 use a 3.6-inch barrel, matte stainless slide and polymer frame. Sights consist of a drift-adjustable, bar-dot rear sight with a pinned-in polymer front sight. For more concealment, there are the CM9 and CM40, guns with the same basic features as the PM series of compact pistols. Using 3-inch barrels and polymer frames, they are well suited to any deep-concealment or pocket-pistol need. Also included in the “C” line is the CW380, a 2.58-inch-barreled .380 that is very reasonably priced. Nothing is spared when it comes to accuracy, reliability, and usability with any of the “C” series pistols.

For years Kahr has been making 9mm and .40-caliber pistols rivaling the size of most chambered in .380 ACP. However, advancements in ammunition design and manufacture have made the .380 more viable than ever before. As a result, Kahr developed the P380. The pistol starts with a polymer frame using 4140 steel inserts molded into the frame for added rigidity and strength. A steel magazine catch is used for strength and longevity. Kahr’s patented “safe cam” is installed, making for a smooth trigger pull. The 2.5-inch, premium Lothar Walther match-grade barrel is perfectly fit into the matte stainless steel slide. Sitting atop the slide is a set of drift-adjustable combat sights, often missing on pistols of this size. Night sights with tritium inserts can be added as well as a Crimson Trace laser sighting device. For those states requiring a loaded-chamber indicator, there is a model meeting that requirement. The slide is either matte or blackened stainless steel. Measuring a mere 4.9 inches in length and 0.75 inches in width, it is incredibly small. With an empty weight of just under 10 ounces, it is lighter than some larger pistols’ magazines. Two stainless steel magazines holding six rounds of .380 ACP are provided. The P380’s size, reduced recoil and usable sights make this a perfect candidate as a secondary weapon (backup gun) or for deep cover and concealment.

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