North American Arms (NAA) is the world’s premier manufacturer of ultra-compact mini-revolvers. As pistols go, the company’s tiny semi-autos distinguish themselves as the most miniscule, being purely utilitarian and functional in nature. Many gun manufacturers make small, concealable pistols, but few specialize in making handguns exclusively for this particular role of concealed carry, as does NAA with entire lines of such guns in the offering. NAA has this gun segment covered, making no attempts to compete in the general market of standard-sized pistols and revolvers. By concentrating on this class of weapons, NAA has become very good at what it does, providing a wide array of mini-revolvers and ultra-compact pistols.

NAA works to craft defensive guns with less mass than a cellphone (they’re often closer to that of a lighter or keychain), and it achieves this handily. NAA typically noses out its competition with the reliability and quality of its products, affordable prices and no waiting lists. The irony of NAA’s mission is that the company’s original designer, Dick Casull, has a reputation for engineering monster revolvers such as the .454 Casull and .450 Magnum Express. Casull’s first mini-revolver, a gun well under 4 inches in length, was manufactured by Rocky Mountain Arms Company (RMAC) way back in 1971. RMAC lasted only two years. By the early 1980s NAA had emerged, continuing the trend of the mini-revolver but as a subsidiary of aerospace company Talley Manufacturing. Talley later passed hands to the Philadelphia Company, then to Teleflex, and was ultimately bought in 1991 by Sandy Chisholm, one of Talley’s former executives. He moved the company to Provo, Utah, and grew NAA into the firm we know today, one that has cornered the market on “minis.”

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