SCCY (pronounced “sky”) in Daytona Beach, Florida, produces a safe, simple-to-use and affordable line of pocket pistols. Joe Roebuck founded SCCY back in 2003 and in such a short time has produced over 100,000 firearms. The CPX double-action-only (DAO) series of pistols was designed to be both cost-effective and precisely manufactured without compromising reliability or functioning. These guns are also chambered in a real defensive chambering, 9mm.

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  • Gino Casanova

    Its looks very nice ill will et one,i need to see the what people said that have one but ill will love to have one.

  • Rich

    This is a great gun. This is my daily carry gun and have had virtually no issues with it. The trigger mech did give way but I took it directly to SCCY and they fixed it with no questions asked. Even upgraded the internals so I could shoot +P ammo!