Training Gun Owners for Home Invasions

Joe Arnson of Oxford, CT entered a living room with…

Joe Arnson of Oxford, CT entered a living room with a blue Glock 17 pistol in hand, checked the first floor prior to heading upstairs and just beyond the landing, a blue-skinned robber was pointing a gun directly at him. Without hesitating, Arnson fired, blowing a pink hole in the paper robber’s face.

It was good marksmanship, instructor Clint Hyduchak told Arnson, but if the blue guy had been a real robber, he would have shot Arnson before he reached the top of the stairs. That is, if the bad guy Arnson missed hiding under the staircase didn’t get him first.

“When you enter a room … you want your weapon in front of you and that’s all you want the bad guy to see,” Hyduchak said.

Arnson was the first paying customer at the first venture of Watertown safety training company Prepare To Act. The setting is a 2,000 square-foot shoot house, training gun owners in home invasion scenarios using non-lethal bullets called Simunition. The guns are real, but are modified so they can’t shoot real bullets.


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