Fond of pocket magnums, author Clair Rees writes, “I find myself toting shrouded .357 Mag snubnosed revolvers more often than not. I dislike carrying a bulkier, heavier handgun on my hip.”

In his round-up, the author puts the Taurus 650SS, Ruger LCR, and Smith & Wesson’s Model 340PD through their paces. “The little .357 Mag revolvers tuck nicely into the pocket of my jeans, where they ride all but unnoticeably,” Rees explains. “I’m barely aware I’m carrying a gun, which means I’m more likely to have one when it’s needed.” Read the full story in the Fall 2014 issue of Personal Home Defense, available on newsstands and digitally on October 15, 2013.

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  • obersaber

    New for 2014, Boberg Arms will unveil their XR45-S the world’s most powerful pocket pistol. At 5.75″ long it fits in the front pocket of your jeans out of sight.
    Chambered for .45acp+P and 45 Super rounds, recoil is mitigated through 8 distinct features like a rotating barrel locked breach to counteract torque and increase accuracy. A progressive gain twist rifled barrel allows higher velocity for +P performance. The bullpup design places the grip at the balance point of the pocket pistol which smooths out the recoil feel. ect. ect. ect. This is the gun to take with you back to the future!