The Millennium G2 is Taurus’ latest advancement in its popular Pro series. Chambered in 9mm, the Taurus Millennium G2 offers significant tactical upgrades beyond its predecessor (the PT-111 Millennium Pro), including adjustable three-dot sights, a loaded-chamber indicator and textured panels on the side and rear of the pistol’s grip. Dr. Martin Topper, who reviewed the Millennium G2, noted, “Both the texturing and the dished-out areas for the thumbs contribute significantly to getting a rock-solid grip on the G2, and this improves recoil control and facilitates accurate shot placement during fast double- and triple-taps. All things considered, the Taurus Millennium G2 has one of the most comfortable and user-friendly grips on today’s market.” To read Topper’s full review, order the 2014 Handgun Buyer’s Guide at

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  • Cody dog

    I had every intention of buying a glock 19 this past weekend as they handle good and shoot well.
    Then I had the opportunity to shoot the Taurus millennium g2 9mm. WOW!
    Near perfect shot placement, mild recoil and quick recovery; and concealed carries well.
    Sorry glock fans and say what you will, I bought the g2.

  • Matt

    I researched and researched for a good conceal carry and considered a few different options like the S&W M&P, Then I came across this, for the price of $380. i was cautious in pursuing this gun but i have found that I ultimately got a gun that is worth far more, id say around $450-$550. Quality gun! stable, accurate and I love the fit of it in my hand!