Talk to owners and users, and they’ll tell you that Springfield Armory’s XD pistols are easy to shoot, reliable and trusted.

Traveling the country and attending training, I’ve come to find that Springfields are some of the most-liked modern pistols on the market, with an incredibly loyal user base. When I work with the average shooter at competitions and training, I very often see an XD in that individual’s hands. The design lends itself to comfort, accuracy and reliability, and new shooters really take to its solid ergonomics, good trigger, soft recoil and excellent accuracy. The introduction of the XD-S in .45 ACP only strengthens this trend, with the gun having quickly become the first choice for many for concealed carry in the .45 ACP caliber. It combines 21st-century design with a single-stack .45 ACP payload, making it a real game-changer. With the 9mm XD-S also in the stable, Springfield has brought innovation and state-of-the-art construction to light, thin and controllable pistols firing the two most popular carry cartridges.

With all the attention the XD line has garnered, it is easy to forget the rest of Springfield’s impressive handguns—the company is also one of the most popular 1911 makers in the industry, offering affordable 1911s in a multitude of calibers. Ranging from the affordable Mil-Spec series to the hand-built Custom Shop guns, Springfield makes a 1911 in every configuration to suit the needs of diverse shooters. One of the first 9mm micro-compact 1911s, the 9mm Springfield EMP is ranked highly among 1911 enthusiasts. Between its four compact models, Springfield has pretty much every base covered in the field of compact self-defense pistols.

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