The 11.8-ounce Colt Mustang XSP offers users a wider grip profile, dovetailed sights, an ambidextrous manual safety!

This is the gun I have been waiting for. No, really. And so have you. This is the original .380 subcompact with all the modern upgrades added.

With all due respect to Walther, Colt created the first .380 ACP pocket pistol in 1908 and in 1986 developed and introduced the first Mustang models. Unfortunately, Colt’s crystal ball was a little cloudy when the fabled American arms-maker discontinued the Mustang at the end of the last century. At the time, it appeared that there was insufficient demand for .380 pistols. Proven wrong by the wealth of new guns that began to appear in the last decade, Colt resurrected the Mustang Pocketlite in 2011 as an improved model based on the original. And there was nothing wrong with that. In fact, Sig Sauer based its entire line of P238 .380s on the basic layout and construction of the original Mustang, as has Kimber with its new Micro CDP.

So here’s the bottom line: When Colt reprised the first and original .380 subcompact, a lot of folks were expecting something really new. What they got was a better-built version of the same gun. That, too, is just fine. But wait—as the old advertising sales pitch goes—there’s more! While Colt was busy filling the niche it had created with its latest iteration of the Mustang Pocketlite, including a new version with a LaserMax laser, the company’s engineers were busily developing a modernized variation with all the features the original design lacked. A little less than two years after Colt reintroduced the Pocketlite, here is the gun I was waiting for, the Mustang XSP.

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