If you carry a handgun for personal protection, getting your gun into the fight iS A critically important part of your skill set. With a traditional belt or inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster, these tasks can be a challenge. However, if you carry your pistol deeply concealed—like in a pocket—life can get even more complicated very quickly.

A sound, effective and reliable drawstroke begins with a capable carry platform that reliably keeps your concealed handgun in a stable, consistent position. The gun should also be well protected from both objects and errant digits that could compromise its safety or reliability. This is particularly important with in-pocket carry, which restricts your ability to achieve an initial grip on the gun and potentially puts the gun in close proximity to other objects. To avoid the latter issue and make life much easier, start by dedicating your gun pocket to your gun (and its holster) only—nothing else.

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  • obersaber

    Want to raise holy heck with the experts? Try the troll carry, named after the web posters just trying to stir it up. Just 5 simple steps to troll nirvana. Insert the pocket pistol without a round in the chamber (sin#1) into your front jeans pocket with the grip base forward and the muzzle pointed up (sin#2). Draw the pistol by slipping your index finger in the trigger guard (sin#3) and pulling it up and out of your pocket until just the grip remains in your pocket then rotate the muzzle forward. As you draw the rest of the gun out of your pocket rotate the grip on the outside of your pocket to pivot the gun into your palm. Your off hand should be by your groin to assist in racking the action to chamber a round. Try it with a retreat of your foot below the gun to bring you into profile while shielding the draw. Now tell all your friends (sin#4)
    Now you can not only draw your gun like a troll, you will draw the ire of every gun expert you tell. (sin#5)