Concealed carry handguns for deep cover self-defense!

Looking at the top concealed carry handguns for deep cover self-defense! Ranging from compact .45 ACP bruisers perfect for pocket or appendix carry, to svelte .380 ACP pocket pistols that defy the physics of subcompact handguns, we take a look at guns ideal for concealed carry and deep concealment from Beretta, Chiappa, Colt, Glock, Kahr, Kimber, Ruger, SCCY, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, and Walther. From perennial favorites to some new and innovative designs, there’s a gun to fit anyone’s concealed carry needs. Read on to see them!

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  • Barry Newman

    Wow i so disagree with leaving the G27 out.

    • Jake Ryan

      buy american…buy ruger.

      • Pete

        And Smith & Wesson.

        • Jake Ryan

          cant go wrong with S&W. i agree. i got several Rugers and several S&W. my favorite line though is the Ruger P-series and the 5900 and 6900 series S&W.

      • JB

        I guess you haven’t seen the GLOCK pistols stamped USA on the slide. They only make 100,000 a month in Smyrna, GA. I don’t think Ruger can make that many in a year. Just saying…

        • Jake Ryan

          Glocks are from Austria. ill take a Ruger anyday over something thats 90% plastic. Ruger has been around aloooooot longer too. Bill Ruger also stands behind everyone of his guns to the teeth. Ruger is also manufactured less than 100 miles away from where i live..Prescott, AZ is where their plant is at. besides…if im gonna own a gun…i want it to look manly…not sissy lookin.

          • Ronn

            If I’m gonna own a concealed carry gun, I want it to keep me alive. I couldn’t care less about what it looks like.

          • ez

            sorry, plastic, made in Austria, etc. don’t care. Buy Glock because when your life depends on it, it is the only gun you can depend on. there is no American made handgun that has the proven track record that Glock has, this is not up for debate, this is a fact. also, they are by far the most accurate guns made, period. why do you think 9 out of 10 competition shooters use them? I actually hated Glock, thought they looked ugly, and typically only buy American, my wife bought a 19 to carry and so I figured I would take it to the range and try it out. sold, I bought myself one the next day. do a little research.

          • ez

            Glocks are the guns that every other manufacturer including your S&W and Ruger try to replicate. that is a fact also.

          • lenmo

            My s&w 460 disagrees im pretty sure theres nothing that is taken from the Glock family on its design

          • TSarles

            I think ez was referring to the reliability aspect of a Glock, not the looks.

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • David Spann

            Sorry ez I have to disagree with glock is not the best out there it is good but not the best smith and Wesson has been around far longer and is just as reliable as a glock and as far as accuracy that all depends on the person behind the weapon/

          • ez

            never said Glocks are the best. S&W have been around a lot longer. however, Glock was the first on the market with the polymer pistol (fact) at least the first to do it right. ever since, S&W, Ruger, Springfield etc. have all been trying to catch up to Glock, never have, most likely never will. Glocks are lighter, less parts, more reliable and more accurate for their intended purpose. do your homework, read about glock.
            in 1980ish glock came on the market, and sales of their polymer pistol went through the roof. it took S&W and all others years to come out with an imitation Glock (their own version of the polymer pistol) and none have done it right yet.
            ever wonder why 9 out of 10 competition shooters, shoot a modified Glock, with a stock barrel?

          • L

            Revolvers are way more reliable… I’ve never seen a limp wrist malfunction out of a revolver. I own 2 glocks btw

          • Sunny

            Glock being the first with a polymer frame is not true. HK with their VP70 have been on the market before. so in fact its was Glock replicating. even the Glock design was taken from the HK P7 (PSP

          • Rich

            I believe that H&K developed the first polymer pistols. Love the Glocks, though! Especially for the price and customization aspects.

          • scott will

            HK makes a great 600.00 gun for 900.00

          • Joe

            HK is underrated. Go shoot one and tell me you didn’t like it. And don’t bring price into the equation when Ruger has the best bang for your buck.

          • monstersdoexist

            Exactly! That’s why I don’t spend 1300 dollars on 700 dollar Kimber. Way overrated and not even made as well as a Springfield 1911 which I carry every day.

          • Bill

            Sorry your facts are wrong, HK had a polymer pistol before glock.

          • T.J.

            I’d take an HK or Sig over a Gluck 7 days a week. That’s a fact!

          • Brandon

            I love my glocks and I would love to side with you on this but Glock wasnt the first polymer hangun. Heckler & Koch VP70 was the first and it was 12 years before the glock.

          • BOSS

            HK was first to produce polymer pistol…. FACT

            Glock was first to “industrially manufactured handguns with high-tech polymer frames” which is true, but the added words Industrially”/”high-tech” allow the statement to be passable.

          • ez

            their is nothing to disagree with, I only state facts.

          • Jo

            sorry guy , but if u do a search for most accurate 9mm the CZ comes up every time. Best keep secret

          • ez

            sure, there are probably a few dozen guns out there that are more accurate, probably not a $500 gun. and if so, that’s great, the point is for the money and the dozen other pros of a Glock, you simply cant beat it.

          • Joe

            CZ is very well priced and developed the B frame which is the most copied style of pistol behind the famous 1911. And Ruger makes a pistol that is $500 and they have home defense extensions.

          • Joe

            How does Glock have more of a “proven track record” when they have not been around nearly as long as Ruger or S&W? And if Glock is so accurate, then why does the Olympic Team use Kimber? Get your facts straight. I work in a Gander Mountain Super Firearms Center with over 7,500 guns on cite and know how every pistol mentioned here feels in my hand. You can make the argument that Glock is the most reliable, I wouldn’t argue against that. But to have the audacity to say that they are the most accurate is simply a fictitious thought that you have developed. Ruger backs all of there guns, I own many and when I have any issue or concern, Ruger fixes it even though they do not have a warranty (which has happened once when my cousin dropped my Red Label). S&W has a lifetime. Kimber pistols take 500 rounds to break them in because how finely tuned and accurate they are. Glock is a fantastic firearm company, but to say that any of these is head and shoulders better than all the rest is just hysterical.

          • monstersdoexist

            Most of the fellows I know that own Kimbers have not broken them in with 500 rounds yet because they paid so much money for those overpriced pistols, they just want to keep them unfired and boxed to show them off to their friends and say “look what I have”. If they got a scratch on them, they would be sick over it.

          • Rambat1

            Ok guys here I go. I was one of those guys that only carried a 45 because it was the “Man Stopper”. All my pistols were chambered in the 45 APC until I invested
            the best $147 in the following 20 Hour DVD course. “The Armed American’s COMPLETE concealed carry guide TO EFFECTIVE SELF DEFENSE”. This is the best
            course I have ever seen. It covers every aspect of concealed carry. In summary, a 9mm verses a 45 in ball ammo is a huge gain with the larger cal. Fortunately
            given the JHP ammo of today the real difference between a 9mm JHP +P and a 45 APC is a grand whopping 10-12%. That’s it, period and end of discussion. Fact
            also is that 70% to 85% of all rounds fired in a gun fight miss the target. When you are confronted with a real life or death situation things happen to your body that you don’t expect. You loose all your fine motor skills and unless you train correctly (which none of you guys ever do) then you will most likely be SOL. They show several videos on this DVD course where a police officer empties
            his mag at a guy walking up to him only to get shot and killed by the perp. Even the officers freeze or panic at the sight or reality of death. At the end of this course what you learn is that you have only three choices for self defense ammo. 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP. between the three the 9mm wins because you can carry 15 rounds in a Glock 19 instead of 7-8 rounds in a 45. The 40 cal is a
            toss up but due to the stronger recoil / flip of the muzzle, the 9mm still wins. Bottom line it’s all about having the most ammo in one of these calibers and having it on you if the S*** hits the fan. Today I have changed my views and now carry a Glock 19 with a spare mag in my left pocket. I also got a minimal holster which is nothing more than a trigger guard that attaches to the belt with a string. The pistol fits IWB with the trigger protected and is kept from falling down by the string. This combo allows me to carry and forget i have the gun on me.

            Best of luck to all and make the investment in this course. It’s a real eye opener. BTW, I have no affiliation with these people. I was just amazed at how much I
            thought I knew that I did not know. 🙂

            Here is the link to my new holster. its the “BOMB”


          • phillip

            Joe, look at what most every law enforcement officer has on their hip: Glock. Next look at what is the standard issue for a FBI field agent : Glock. This is for two reasons: 1. Glocks are reliable. 2. Accessories are ridiculously simple to find and, just to throw in a third one: If “it” hits the fan and you yell to your partner out of ammo and they slide you a mag it will be a Glock mag. So you want to be able to slap the mag in and go verses pulling out the bullets and putting them in your mag while “it” is hitting the fan.

          • TSarles

            I have to agree with Dan on this one. The Glock is well known for its dependability. I used to look at it like this, if I only need the gun to fire a few rounds then why would I buy a Glock that is notorious for it’s capability of firing hundreds of rounds through it without the potential for jamming? i would rather go with looks and feel of a gun that will at least get the few rounds out that I need. I bought a S&W 45 and after about 150 rds through it the gun started jamming. And yes I clean my guns very thoroughly and change the mags out every 2 months. Although trained to quickly react to a jamming situation, I, like everyone else do not want to have to worry about that when it comes to a life or death situation. In cases like that I want a gun I can rely on and a Glock is just that. 99% of the time we don’t ever have to worry about using lethal force for protection, but just in case that 1% does ever come around I don’t want to be caught with my pants down…especially if I am not only trying to protect myself but my family as well. But again, it just boils down to personal preference. There are plenty of guns out there that good and reliable. But the Glock I can carry without the worry of it failing on me when the time comes.

          • 7541west

            Don’t read much do you and you must be one of those…”if it isn’t made here…it’s not worth s….” Real classic lemming learning! Great thing about America…if you want a Ruger you can buy it or anything else you want…at least for now. But as adults the rest of us can discuss issues reasonably without the child-like rant or name calling.

          • Brandon

            My glock 23 is made in the USA. Ruger makes good guns, Glock makes good guns. If I was going to say one looked like a sissy I would say the Ruger was with its safety’s and and the safety stuff written on it. I own both and both are great but get shot with either one and let me know which seems like a sissy.

          • monstersdoexist

            Oh, so that’s why 90 percent of this nation’s law enforcement now carry Glocks? Sorry, but the Ruger legacy has been over for many years now.

          • TheBob_1

            I have Ruger LC380 – its mostly plastic. I would have been skeptical when Glocks came out, but they have MORE than proven “plastic is okay”.

        • obvious is the best carry

          I carry a Ruger SR 1911 .45 . Concealed or not, it speaks for itself.

          • Henry

            If we are going to talk, “been around for a looooong time”, then how about since 1570: Beretta.

        • Joe

          Toyota has plants in Texas to make trucks, that does not make them American.

      • scott will

        That last two Buick’s I had were made in Canada

        • Guest

          Im sorry to find this out that u bought GM vehicles.

        • Dan Cat Lovin Rednek @ FB

          Im sorry to find this out that u bought GM vehicles. WTF do pos GM vehicles have to do with this topic though!?!?!?!?!

      • Scott

        Ruger Lc9 is junk. I has a horrible trigger pull and I had multiple misfires after shooting a few hundred yards. I called Ruger to send it in and Ruger never wrote me for the address to send it too. I lost trust for Ruger. I’ll stick with a gun that fires when I need it. I will stick with Glock. I would trust other brands over the Ruger LC series any day!

        • Dan Cat Lovin Rednek @ FB

          Every maker for every product in the world has a few pos here and there that some will dislike. Why didnt u upgrade the trigger??? Misfires dont come from the gun itself. It comes from the ammo thats in the gun. You could have a $3k gun. If u dont do your research on ammo…(hollow point flat heads as apposed to the rounder…it will def jam on you) your gonna have alot of problems.

        • Joe

          Ruger is known for their customer services and how they stand next to their products better than most companies, even ones that have lifetime warranties, like Glock.

    • Michael McClendon

      I’m with you brother, the G27 /26 should have been at the top of the list!!

  • Tommy

    No G27?? whats a .380 gonna do besides piss someone off?

    • Mack Williams

      I get so tired of the unknowing spouting the uninformed. A 380 is as powerful as a 38 and that has been doing quite well for a century now. The 9 Mak is even moreso. Before you show your ignance in the future Google it Bitch.

      • Willie Jordan

        I live my sig 238…. with the right rounds used, it will hurt you as it is pissing you off!

      • Adam Gordon

        If 40 S&W is pussy 10mm, then isn’t .380 just pussy 9mm?

        • Johnny

          Indeed, he started off well then hypocritically did what he asked the other gentleman NOT to do…wow, just wow.

      • Will
        • MarkMyWordz

          +50. Best post on here, maybe best post on the internets. I am truly humbled by this comment and without you actually having to comment. Genius. I’m stealing this and putting it on every website that has comments because there is always that one guy, right Mack Williams?

      • James Burtnett

        Why your not as big as my Bazooka!

      • Shooter

        Looks like I’ve been shooting expert with junk. Damn I must be good!

      • Chad

        your a retard

      • ez

        Obviously you don’t know what you are talking about. a 380 is the same diameter (roughly) as a .38, however not even close to the same power of a .38. A .38 is loaded much hotter than a .38 and packs a greater punch. you are right, XDs are junk, you are wrong Glocks are about the top of pile in performance, accuracy, and reliability. I have never seen a Glock jam, seem many many 1911’s jam.

        • Marv Magouirk

          My sister was a deputy in Ca. for 23yrs. Her FIRST DAY with a training officer they were confronted with a man and a large knife. Her T.O’s. Glock JAMMED on the 3rd shot!! She shot the guy with her S&W .357. Glocks JAM just the same as all the others. I have one but… I also have an XD, Walther, Rock Island, Ruger, S&W and a couple more. They are ALL good guns.

          • DavidG

            A guy with a knife? 3rd shot?

      • arealpatriot

        Mack Williams, you are another armchair gun “expert”. You are clueless.

      • MarkMyWordz

        First off you are a douchebag. I’m not telling you abything you haven’t been told before or you haven’t said in the mirror. Secondly, are you allowed to carry once you decide to get 9f your meds? Which is pretty clear that is what has happened here. Dude, what are you so mad about? If someone wants to carry a nerf gun then thsts on them (which, btw, is a shutload of fun if you have the sniper rifle and you are set up, waiting patiently, for your wife to come home after work. Then suddenly you hear the keys and the door opening and… just don’t make the mistake of taking your wife hostage and then waterboarding her. Does nit end well gentlemen. J/k). Are they orotecting you? NO! So why do you care?

        Basically what I’m saying is CHILL THE FUCK OUT and GET BACK ON YOUR MEDICATION! Oh, and also STOP BEING A DOUCHEBAG!

  • josh

    No Springfield XDS! You kidding me!

    • Pete

      I was going to say the same thing!

    • Demonic

      I personally think even the XD are good conceal carries (it what i carry anyways)

  • Texas Army Vet

    Have Star .380 (great for female or concealed), .357 Taurus Revolver, .40 Beretta for sale/trade…… ……. I’d like to trade for .40 or .45 handgun for CONCEALED CARRY

  • KyleinCSpring1

    Some choices good, some not so. The SCCY’s I sold felt like the inside of a wheel well. Had several come back to the store. I don’t trust anything that is a five shot. If you have a couple of bad guys, you better be able to reload fast. I don’t like Springfield XDS. Other XD’s are great for their round capacity.

    • Rob14

      I use a .357 Colt Magnum Carry, 6 shot, 2″ barrel, a descendant of the great Detective Special. Shoots wonderfully. Finished first in my CCW class. I think it doesn’t matter all that much as long as you can put your shots in the upper chest area quickly with something about .38 caliber sized.

  • Willie Jordan

    no sig 238?

  • Tommy Rabid

    I carry a .40 Kahr. 7+1, reliable, lightweight, thin-profile, plenty of stopping power.

    • JB

      Reliable?? You’re kidding, right?

  • Bill Gates

    no glock is perfect for a pocket pistol

  • Andrew

    P239 9mm sas in the summer and P228 or 229 40S&W in the winter.- Colt Agent, first issue .38 spec backup in all seasons thank you very much.

  • Inkme Tattooz

    LC9 Rugar is what i carry
    …love it

    • Prelusive007

      I have something very similar. Mine’s a Ruger though.


    • Jack Frost

      Just bought the LC9…great little 9mm…easy to carry and shoot…replaces PPKS .380. both are deadly and devastating at close range. Most close range, defensive gun fights take place at under 6 feet. At that distance most any caliber does the job. Ruger, Glock, Sig, S&W etc. are all great firearms, reliable all day long. The variable that counts the most is the gent or lady behind the gun and how well they place the shot. Bottom line…the gun, regardless of the brand and caliber wins the close quarter combat and makes a mess of flesh and bone every time. Best bet…stay out of trouble and retreat if you can. No one really wants to get into a gun fight. Even if you win, you lose something in the end,

  • Guest

    correct me if im wrong but the 380 would make a horrible conceal carry. u shoot smeone with it…your just gonna piss em off even more. the lowest caliber in a semi auto u wanna shoot some1 with is a 9mm. the velocity of a 380 round is 1/2 that of a 9.

    • Michael McClendon

      Just shoot them a whole bunch of times, that should solve that problem.


      Come to my house and let my wife shoot you six times with her LCP.

      • brent

        Are you serious? You put .380 bullet in someone’s chest it’s
        going to do more the piss them off. It’s going to destroy human
        tissue and break bones.

      • SissyO

        6 times?Oh lord

  • Jake Ryan

    correct me if im wrong but the 380 would make a horrible conceal carry. u shoot someone with it…your just gonna piss em off even more. the lowest caliber in a semi auto u wanna shoot someone with is a 9mm. the velocity of a 380 round is 1/2 that of a 9.

    • Mack Williams

      Jake you are uninformed bordering on IDIOT. The 380 is not half as fast as anything esp. 9mm. There’s things called ballistic tables, while not gospel, if you look at them before opening your filthy sewer you won’t convince people you are STEWPIT. 9mm Kurz i.e. 380 ACP is right on the heels of 9 Mak, while the Mak is .364 and other 9’s are .355, which is nippin’ at your 9 Paras heels. Bullet wts. are clearly different, 85ish for 380 and 115ish for 9 Para, but in no way is the 9 Browning Short i.e. 380 ACP not a qualified Defensive round. Are there better, probably, but if you find yourself in a situation a 9 Corto i.e. 380 ACP if it is what you have you’ll be as lethal as James Bond. ‘Sides David the shepherd dropped Goliath with a well placed rock from a sling and a 380 is a lot more powerful than any sling

    • Gary Spann

      So funny with the .380 comments. I tell you what. You let me shoot you in the chest with a .380 PD round and you can tell me if all it does is piss you off. So many people think they have to have the biggest round available and that no other round will work. How silly.

    • FreddyP

      Wow, everyone here is silly. ANYTHING that you carry that has a bullet coming from it will work! Especially if you can SHOOT it STRAIGHT under pressure…that is what counts more than anything said here!

  • Jo Mama

    I’d take my Glock 23 over any of these. 13+1 and goes bang everytime.
    Ruger and S&W just don’t make that great of auto’s except for the M&P line.
    But their revolvers are fantastic!

  • Big deano

    1911 .45 ACP, 230 gr JHP . Can’t beat Ruger SR1911, best bang for the bucks. End of story!

  • Brandon Workman

    You all are full of shit. I carry a g 27 and stand behind it but all these guns are great concealed pistols. Ha ha if you are in an emergency situation where you have to use deadly force and you pull a pistol on someone they all will startal the shit out of someone. If you know how to handle your pistol they will stop your attacker.

  • Steve

    A G30S in a POCKET? Suuuuuuurrrrreeeee! I’d love to see somebody pull that off. I had a G36 which is even thinner than the S series and that was NOT a pocket gun, some would even argue that it’s not even a sub compact. Just sold it, gonna replace with either a Shield 9 or an LC9.

    • Rich

      Maybe they have big pockets?? 🙂

  • when it counts

    i cannot believe i did not see a sig sauer p938 in this list..

  • StuddedWarrior

    For the love of guns, why don’t we all argue like retarded 10 yr old on crack?!?!?! Bullet vs human flesh, the bullet always wins, whether it’s .22, .380, 38 special, 7mm, 9mm, 10mm, .40, etc. if you shoot someone with your weapon of choice you are going to do damage. NOW if you are planning on using it as a sidearm to hunt with, well then now we have a conversation. Hello I have BB guns that could kill a man at 50 yards. Stop whining like a little girl with a skinned knee and get over it. We all have different interests but in the end, a gun will stop a would be anything, no matter what caliber you bone heads choose to carry!

    • StuddedWarrior

      Just for the record, I carry either my Springfield XD 9mm or XD40 both sub-compact or my Keltec 9mm (which is easier to conceal than the other two but rough on the hands for shooting). It all depends on how I feel that day. And for sake of arguement, my sidearm of choice for hunting is my S&W 1911 .45ACP!

      • rebart

        You use a .45acp to hunt? I can think of a few better calibers, unless you are hunting small game. How close to a deer to you get to kill it with a .45acp?

    • Mars Blackman

      Good Business…your words struck a chord which then I understood. It is a matter of personal selection is what you are essentially saying. I think it helped me to pick either the Taurus ACP or Ruger LCP; which because of price and within 25-45 yards its going to tear flesh anyway. The Taurus is a little tougher on the hand but the last thing I am worrying about if I am letting it ride or some idiot out “thugging” is my hand hurting a bit. LOL

      Thanks for the wake-up smack.

      • rebart

        I wonder who he thinks is arguing. I guess he doesn’t understand constructive criticism or personal preferences.

    • rebart

      That’s the biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever heard. As the husband of an ER nurse I can guarantee you that a .380 needs to be up close to be effective, and, as with any caliber, placement is even more important. You go ahead and use a .22 or .380 or .32, and I’ll have my wife call me when you get to the ER after the perp tears your ass in two.

      • Eddie Arnold

        Actually the .22 round is a very lethal round. It ricochets through the body like no other round. Check the stats on that if you like.

        • Vince1958

          And, FBI stats confirm all other LE ballistic reports from around the country that more people who die of a gunshot wound, die from a .22 than every other caliber put together. I’m not a seasoned gunman like most of you but that unmovable stat tell me you can take all those gel you tube videos and shooting through water bottles you want, but when a 22 enters the human body, and lets be real and say a person is not going to shoot another man with a sweatshirt, a denim shirt and a leather Jacket on….not in the body! When that little mousy 22 enters your body and starts roaring around and thru your internal organs like a teenager with his first ride in a hot rod, I’m betting the bleed out time for that poor soul will be much faster then a guy who took a 9mm or .38 in the gut and it came out the other side.(Or didnt) But we all carry the bigger caliber for psychological reasons as “part” of the equation, correct? I also believ that be you perp or citizen, if you have a .22 you are going to take the better shot over a guy who has a .357 and empties it into the juke box and he was always the ‘top shooter at the range”. Golly be???? Now imagine if after that, you go…”Are yuh done son?” Yeah you are.” Ping, right in the eye or throat with your .22 and he bleeds out before your next beer is on the bar. THATS A BIT CLOSER TO A REAL GUN FIGHT…than the fight a lot of 9mm owners prepare for every day in their head where they go into a bar and think they will be surrounded by 7 or 8 blind drunk bikers all with hand guns too so of course they need 3 extra mags in their boot as well since the cops wont get to the scene for at least 70 or 80 rounds, and who knows, even the bartender might still be alive .lol But my admission…my preference is: the 45 acp. But, in real life….. I will get nervous when the time comes, fall on my face after the urine and spilt beer on the waxed floor and the recoil from my big bad .45 all work together to knock me down and you’ll read about me in tomorrows news. The shooter:…….A one eyed man with a , you guessed it… old, never oiled, pawn shop bought .22 LOL

          • monstersdoexist

            Agreed! I think Rebart just failed to mention that the sole purpose of a defensive weapon needs to have immediate shock value and not just penetration. A 9mm or higher caliber will definitely render enough shock to the body to stop a perp cold in his tracks, whereas a .22 may not even slow him down, but he definitely will bleed out later from the .22 doing a gran prix race throughout his body.

          • Steven

            Most assassinations are done with a 22lr. Granted I wouldn’t want to be hit with one but you still die faster with a bigger bullet if shot placement is well. That’s why they say carry the largest thing you can accurately shoot well. Most 22 fights the person taking the 22s just go to the hospital. As for 9 vs 45, they both have a 90% one shot stop from an fbi report I read a few years ago. I’m sure they both work, but it’s not all the caliber, is the shot placement you should concentrate on.

          • TheBob_1

            ‘Tain’t about killin’, ’tis about STOPPIN’ !

          • Mike Carter

            But if you ‘TAIN’T KILLIN’, IS YA’S REALLY DOIN’ ANY STOPPIN’?

          • Kimberman1911

            This is only my opinion and I have no real evidence to back this but generally the .22 caliber guns and bullets are the cheapest to buy. Simple explanation as to why that stat is true. Most gun enthusiasts aren’t looking to impulsively put someone down, gang members and thugs who don’t have the money for and couldn’t care less about a quality firearm are the reasons this is true.

      • Bill Ingram

        If you use a 25 HP properly few if any will walk away. I only use a this gun for point blank protection and in most cases that is what most confrontations are. The object is to get as close to your subject as possible to (1) insure you hit what you want to hit and (2) the maximum impact stops the perp. My 25 cal will reach will over a half mile and possibly further (I have not tested how far) but at half a mile on a river there was little drop and quite an impact so I know what it would do at 10 feet or less. I also know that point blank it will kill immediately. This I know from personal experience.

        • rebart

          Yes, you must be close to do much damage, especially to stop a perp. NO, you don’t know that from personal experience. How many times have you shot someone with a .380 or .25. My wife and her doctors in the ER have literally seen .25s and .380s ricochet off a shin bone. Bullet placement is always most important. We all know that, but it is more important with some calibers than with others. If you want to carry one of those pop guns then do it, but don’t call the experiences of hundreds of emergency rooms wrong. Much training and education has been put into bullet and knife damage, and I can guarantee you I’d rather be shot with a .380 than cut up with a knife.

          BTW, if soldiers and marines don’t like the 9mm how much do you think they’re going to like to go into urban warfare with a .380? Marines are already going back to the .45, and the army is supposedly on the verge of looking for a new gun instead of that piece of crap Beretta that falls apart.

          Good luck to you with your mouse guns

          • Bill Ingram

            If you don’t know how to use a gun properly you will lose. If you aim for the legs and just start shooting just to be shooting you will hit trees and everything else.

            I hit what I aim for. Every time I have used my 25 cal or 9mm I have hit my target and they died. I received nary a scratch.

            Screw you and your ignorance of how to use a gun properly. Just pulling the trigger and shooting in the general direction gets you shot and dead.l

          • rebart

            Good luck on aiming in a close-up-and-personal scenario. If you’ve ever studied what happens to a person in this situation you will discover that aiming is not always possible. In fact, I would say it’s rarely possible.

          • Bill Ingram

            Shooting depends on a number of variables. Your skill. Your motivation. The enemy’s skill and his/her state of mind at that instant. If you take a shot and miss you keep coming on strong. Most jungle experienced fighters know that their enemy tends to stop and try to take cover. Charging at them (when you are close) shakes them up and YOU have the advantage.
            On the other hand if you are 50 yards away, the best thing is to back off and take time to take them out or let them escape which is what usually happens.

          • Bill Ingram

            You have to know how and where to shoot. Fools shoot at random just hoping they hit something. I was trained to hit precisely what I am aiming for.
            NEVER run from a guy shooting at you. Run toward him and hit him/her where it will do the most damage.
            Purps are intimidated by someone running toward them (firing of course) and their shots become more erratic the closer you get. They most often run out of ammo before you can get near to them. They panic. If you panic – you will probably die.
            You have to practice good gun control and understand psychology especially psychology of unskilled hoods.

            I have been shot twice in such circumstances. Both purps had 9mms. I had one hit in the finger and one in the upper leg. It did not slow me down more than a millisecond. I got both of them. Neither of them lived.

            SKILL wins out over arrogance and ignorance.

          • guest

            May I ask, Bill, this in the field yes?

          • Bill Ingram

            Yes. Trained by the best.

          • Bill Ingram

            Learned this from our Special Forces Defense Trainer – AND – have kept current with new techniques and improved variations.
            CONFIDENCE keeps one out of trouble 90 some percent of the time but there is that remaining 10 or so percent that you MUST be ready and capable of performing.

          • Bill Ingram

            What I learned in the Military was to charge THROUGH your enemy. Take the hit if you must but you will usually survive. You just have to take the battle THROUGH your enemy. When I say THROUGH – I mean you Bowl them over as you pass your body into and over theirs. They will most likely die from the concussion when their head hits the ground but if they survive, they are stunned enough to let you finish the job with ease.

          • stu

            now it’s twice? a few posts back, you said:

            This was my only experience being shot but I was in-charge (Squad
            Leader) of a squad who’s duty was to flush out snipers from our air
            base. poser

          • Bill Ingram

            Did you ever serve. Hoser?
            You sound envious (no that is not the right word____ – maybe loser would be more appropriate.
            YOU are just spending tooooo much time on sites trying to find fault with others that have actually lived their lives to the fullest while you sit back on your fat arse and criticize.

          • Bill Ingram

            PS. Good luck with you unskilled opinion on the proper use of weapons. Big is NOT better. There is a time for a 9mm or 45 but that is when the subject is skilled and 25 to 50 feet away.

          • Madonna

            Thank you for the info. I have a .357 but it is too heavy for me. I would like something smaller and one I could carry with me. I have taken the NRA class but still unsure as to what size to select. My instructor believes the .22 to be unreliable.

          • Bill Ingram

            a 22 is basically a target pistol/rifle. I have an antique 22 rifle (1903) and I can hit targets accurately. I’m not sure I would ever consider using it in a real fight BUT my Ruger 22 (with long rifle bullets) I can do some real damage in both distance and up close. I have 30 round clips which I can fire off quick enough and accurately enought that what ever or whom ever I am shooting at ain’t going to be doing much afterward.

          • guest

            Dude you/this HAS to be a joke! REALLY i get it LOL good one Rambo . ps. u forgot the back up knife in your teeth.

          • Bill Ingram

            You are a stupid man to even suggest such a stupid scenario. But the ignorant tend to exaggerate reality because they watched to much TV.

          • Bill Ingram

            When I went (Past Tense) into combat I carried M16, AK47 or had a 50 cal at my disposal. I was usually backed up by 2 or more snipers,20 plus of my men who were equally armed , plus rocket launchers, grenades and air support as well as armored tanks.

          • Bill Ingram

            Mouse guns have their place. In other locations and circumstances I carry 9mm and 45 cal. I can’t always know which is best for all situations so I judge based on where I am and “that feeling” which seems to hold up quite well in my life. Call it a 6th sense but so far I have been 100% right in my premonitions – whether they are related to gun selection or other aspects of my daily routine.

          • Spidero

            Bill. Does your nose grow longer after every post?

          • William Ingram

            I’m alive today thanks to my skills and ability to deal with hard circumstances. Can you say the same?

            Maybe – ( if you had more experience ) you could understand but I noted earlier that you obviously have no experience except being a critic. Good luck with that.

          • TheBob_1

            Mr. Ingram, If I could add anything of relevance here, it is that the average person walking around in a non-war ravaged country in “peaceful” times is neither trained for or of the mindset of dealing with battle-like confrontations in daily life – nor should they be. In that context, unless one is often in a high-crime area, ANY firearm aimed in defense is going to be superior to no firearm at all. This stuff about caliber is merely academic unless you are fighting a war. I say “Carry what (firearm) you can if you are inclined, just CARRY SOMETHING”.

          • William Ingram

            Very true. I carry a caliber of weapon I think I might need plus backup. I have used (one ) of said weapons after being shot. I lived.
            The “Perp” (Muslim) did not.

            I have two holes in my leg to prove my assertion. I have no proof as to the death of the “Perp” as that was hushed up, covered up and stricken from all public records because they would have sent more of his ilk to finish the job.

          • William Ingram

            Strongly Agree. Learning to shoot a gun/rifle does not a soldier make.
            Surviving stupid mistakes when others are shooting and learning how to get them when bullets are zinging over and around you is a different matter.

        • cooking off

          So, killing people is a regular activity for you?

          • Bill Ingram

            Defending myself from others is an OCCASIONAL activity for me. I have been in countries where I knew people that certain (Bad) types did not appreciate my associations. We call them terrorists, Al Quida, Muslim Brotherhood and others.

            Judge not, least ye be judged.

          • Charlie

            Mr Ingram, every man I’ve known that has been in those situations has not been the kind of man that would post about it on the internet. So IF (and I stress if) you have done those things please consider being more humble and quiet about it.

          • Bill Ingram

            My original statement was of a technical nature and mentioned NOTHING about my specific circumstances. I have since gone into a bit more detail because ignorant individuals (who have never experienced much more than maybe a fist fight) need to realize that some people have had injuries and circumstances that is difficult to live with and will always affect how you think and act.

          • dave

            i dont think he was judging, it was the topic of your conversation . Not every one is off fighting terrorists.i’ve spent 8yrs in the service my brothers been in for over 25 i have two sons currently serving and “killing”isn’t something that’s discussed .

          • Bill Ingram

            How to protect oneself is not something you keep to yourself. One must Always be prepared because you never know if and when it will or may happen to YOU..

          • Bill Ingram

            One time occurrence. This individual stalked me and I was oblivious to his intention but my service dog was not. He had the perp down and on his knees before I even knew what was happening. As he went down he shot me in the leg (mere inches). Fortunately it was not a full discharge and I received approximately 1/4th of the force into my leg. The rest of the force was discharged back into the gun chamber and I had powder burns on my pants and shirt. That was when I used my pistol. I did not even realize that I had drawn it but after the pain of the bullet, I found that my pistol was inches away from his face and I pulled the trigger without thought. I had no way to know if he would be able to get off another round and I had no intent to let him do so. This person was affiliated with Alkida, Muslim Brotherhood and other such groups..
            In answer to your question – “is this a regular activity for me”. No. Not since I left the Middle East however, I was placed on a hit list in 1989 and this shooting happened in 2012. Over 23 years later which led me and the Federal Agencies which became involved to believe that this was just a chance hit and I was not specifically targeted.
            You do not happen to know the people I worked with so you have no justification in making your statement. I am not at liberty to divulge names, places and circumstances as I would not only become a target again as would others.
            This was my only experience being shot but I was in-charge (Squad Leader) of a squad who’s duty was to flush out snipers from our air base. Thought none of us were ever wounded in that duty, many received concussions and injuries from rockets, mortars, etc. I personally was hit 3 times. The third time I lost 3 or so days of memories and still have flashbacks. The second time I was out cold for close to a hour and it took a full day to have the haze of the impact dissipate. The third time I was hit, I was out for a minute or two and had little after effects.
            You can criticize but unless you lived in my shoes and survived the various things that I did,I politely suggest you keep your ignorant opinion to yourself.

      • tom56071

        you need atleast a a 9mm or bigger to do any good in most cases unless your close and get a heat shot a 22 would work but in most cases the person is still going to get you a 9mm hollow point is the minimum round to use in a gun fight it tears up the body but wont go through to kill by standards .40 cal be the next choice a .45 is to big the bullet will pass through a body and kill a by standard

    • Justin Forbes

      THANK YOU! I could not have said it better myself! It has to do with inadequacies and testosterone I believe. It’s not the size of the brush, it’s how well you paint with it.

      • scott will

        are we still talking guns?

        • Justin Forbes

          Yeah, I thought I’d use a colorful analogy. I think like anything else, trusting my gut instinct is a good thing. “Is today a .45 kind of day? or a .380? Maybe a 9mil type of evening”… but I really do hope I never have to discover which round is best at stopping another human threat, first hand. I think a rational mind and a steady hand are the best companions in a gunfight.

          • NyBobby

            I like you, hope this never has to come to firing on someone. But if I do I hope that I am rational and calm.

          • TheBob_1

            You won’t be. No one ever is.

          • Homebody

            I was, just fell apart after danger was gone!

          • Yoda

            Any of you people ever actually shoot anyone? No matter what size weapon you have the first thing you need is WILL.
            Second is a determined steady hand.
            A fair shot who has will and steady nerve will outshoot a bullseye shooter in a crisis almost every time. I served in the infantry in Vietnam.
            Likewise, I have been shot myself.
            .357 Mag. 125 Grain H.P. entered my lower chest, hit a rib and followed the rib around and lodged under my shoulder blade.
            Felt like I was hit in the chest with a 3 lb. hammer.
            Did not knock me down. You want protection? Get the biggest gun you can and become proficient. And, work no your nerve. You’ll need it.

          • TheBob_1

            Gunfight?? Unless you are using the term loosely to simply indicate having to deploy your weapon in general, I’m wondering if you are a soldier at war, and if so, assume you have more than just a pistol for your adversaries. Otherwise, don’t most folks expect, at the absolute very worst, to pull a pistol once and, God forbid, actually have to pull the trigger to stop a “perp” and be done with the unfortunate encounter?

    • Hugh Jorgan

      Hyperbole doesn’t do much for your argument, you know full-well that the only way you’re gonna kill someone with a BB gun is to beat them to death with it. While its true that +P ammo can be very beneficial in smaller caliber weapons, I would NOt trust my life to a .22 pistol against Mr Crackhead wearing denim and leather. But you go ahead and shoot the bad guy with your BB gun and see how that works out for you…I’m sure there are skilled surgeons in your area that can remove it from your anus after the altercation.

      • monstersdoexist

        I hate to burst your bubble, but among the many weapons I own, I do cherish my BB rifle that puts them out there at 950 fps. Now, considering that, it will penetrate human flesh as neat as a .22 and something I would never want to feel.

        • Dan338LM

          Stop comparing speed and compare energy, i give a shit if your bb’s go 1100 fps. Your bb gun won’t travel as deep. Calibers do make a difference, a smaller round with less energy is less damage. What you are doing is assuming your shot will hit a vital spot with both calibers. Try assuming you will miss the vital spot and decide which to chose. Winning against flesh is one thing, stopping someone in their tracks is another

          • ArmedPatriot

            Two thug shot in the heart by a 9mm and a 45 are going to be just as dead.
            Shot placement and penetration (what the BB cannot get due to lack of mass) are the ONLY real factors that matter.

    • 7541west

      Talk about a “little girl” rant!!!! Geeeee…

    • Paul

      WELL SAID !!!

    • Mike Frye-Henderson

      I beg to differ. I use to work in inner city Detroit with teens. I know many teens with multiple 9mm wounds where the bullet just passed through their bodies. I know one teen in particular who was riddled with ten 9mm rounds standing outside during his birthday party. He survived. For self defense I highly recommend bigger than a 9mm.

      • Rich

        Sounds like they are using cheap target ball ammo. Throw a good hydra-shok JHP round in there and see what happens. My goal in self defense is to STOP the predictor! Ball rounds will punch right through, but a Hydra-Shok JHP will hit like a Mack Truck.

      • Joe

        People walk away from 9mm shots and .380 to the torso all the time. Get hit in the leg with a .45 ACP and you better hope the ambulance gets there before you bleed out.

      • Bill Ingram

        Using normal ammo it will pass through the body it it doesn’t hit a bone. I use a 9MM Hallow Point called a meat cutter. IT will NOT pass through a body (very unlikely) and if it does you bleed out immediately.

      • Guest

        “Teens” is codeword for black thugs.

        • flyr

          I’m not sure if it is a code word or somewhat of a synonym. If you take Chicago as an example blacks who comprise 1/3 of the population commit about 70% of the murders. Whites who also comprise 1/3 of the population commit only 5% of the murders .

          The tragic truth is that if blacks could be convinced to murder at the same rate as do whites, Chicago’s murder rate would fall by 60%.

          While all the poverty pimps come out when a black is killed by the police, 99% of young black murders are committed by their fellow blacks and hispanics. It is purely about politics that Obama, Holder and the poverty pimps come out and perform for the media. If they really cared about saving young black lives they would focus on the 99% not the 1%.

          Why is there such a disparity in murder rates?

          Too many fatherless teens raised by teen mothers

          A culture tragically infected with drugs and violence, especially in their music and videos. The media billionaires live in their mansions in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Bel Air Malibu- far from the desperate streets of the inner city and the violence which they have encouraged. How many murdered rappers can you name? Try the same for any other form of music.

          Until there is a public outcry the tragic loss of young black youth will continue. Inner city violence and thuggery kills jobs. If you want job opportunities clean up your neighborhood.

          Take a look at the immigrants in your neighborhood . You’ll seem young and old family members working long hours. The kids are going to school and studying hard , often while working. In a decade the young immigrant family has sent three kids to college, bought another store , sold both and moved to the suburbs.

          Racial hustlers like Eric Holder are further depressing the futures of young blacks by bringing the jackboots from DOJ down on local school districts if blacks are disciplined at a rate that is higher than whites. In doing so Holder and Obama destroy one last opportunity for young blacks men to learn that rules count, personal responsibility and the pursuit of opportunity.

          The 16 year old black student is 15 times more likely to end up killing someone before he reaches 21 than the white student sitting next to him. Even Obama should be able to understand that discipline may be able to change that outcome.

  • skyler Brock

    I stand by my sig p250 subcompact .40 love it great gun

  • moe

    It all comes down to what you are comfy with! Nuff said.

  • Jackson

    I carry a Glock model 27 Gen 4; and a back up gun; smith wesson model 36; 5 shot………..if the left one dont get u; the right one will…..

  • Dan

    No CZ P07 Duty or Speingfield XDS? This dude has his head up his @ss

  • My opinion

    All you need is a Bond 45/410 Darringer enough said

  • Anti Safe-Act

    LMAO how everyone is going back and forth here. I have two side arms and working on getting number three, which is going to be .357 mag. My G23 .40 s&w has plenty of power but hard to conceal. Then I have a .380 PPK which I have no problem hiding within the waist band, but a bit heavy. Now the .380 is nothing more then a SHORT 9 mm. Those that say it will just piss the person off,, I ask you ,”When was the last time you got shot with a .380 and walked away?” When it comes down to it, a carry conceal side arm should be easy to hide, not too heavy , not bulky and caliber is a preference. I honestly believe if you have a .380 up you should be good, it comes down to bullet placement and type / design of bullet. If you shoot someone in the head with a .22 they are dead!!!! It’s a proven fact that some firearms don’t shoot certain ammunition well. You can up with jams, stovepipes etc…. find what works best in your firearm and go with it. Be safe and tell all these gun grabbers to stick it in their ass and lets keep our 2nd Amendment Right alive. This is our biggest challenge we have as Americans.

    • heyidotskkkg

      cases after cases of a 22 lr rimfire not penetrating the skull to hit the brain…don’t try the 22lr talk.

  • Dan

    I have a Sig 2022 9mm. If you don’t think it will hurt you bad come over here and I will shoot your A$$.

  • Alex

    Best concealed carry choice is a cheap gun, but one without issues, something that is cheap to replace if lost, is what i mean, because honestly if you ever have to use it, even if you are in the right chances are you might not get that gun back from the police. or it will be so long that you wont be carrying for a few months, Nobody wants to loose a good 1200$ handgun, especially being in the right, i recommend something cheap.

  • george burns

    Who did this study a bank robber? A 200 dollar gun that was 100 dollars a year ago, this is what you pick to use to protect my life, Your picks suck except for maybe 2 or 3. How long have you been shooting, and how many gunfights have you been in?
    Answer has to be none. Guns with no track records, this is worse than not writing an article.

  • Bill Jackson

    All you kids out here hyping up the Glock, yea wow a great polymer gun, who cares. Yes i own 2 of them, but definitely not my favorite, or the best shooting. Did they ever make a steel gun like the 1911? No. So they are not the “greatest gun” nor the best, or most accurate. If you think it is you are wrong, its repetitive shooting and a good eye. The top shooters in the world can shoot just as good with a 1911 than they do their glock, the only reason they shoot with a glock is mostly for the lighter weight. Ask all the pro shooters out there, 1911 is one of their favorite guns. So all you Glock lovers can relax and quit revolving your life around a $500 piece of plastic thats easy to shoot. Go pick up a P226 Sig and look at the deisgn and engineering on that, ALUMINUM ALLOY, top security officials in the world shoot it, if the glock was so badass, why dont the Navy Seals carry one? Not so great is why. Just sayin.



  • rebart

    I’m kinda leaning toward the Sig 290. Whattaya all think?

  • Jeffersonian Liberal

    Why waste so much time arguing over this question? JUST CARRY !!! The BEST CCW weapon is simply the one you have on you when you need it.

  • ssdchas

    The abolute BEST gun is one that you are comfortable with and can shoot accurately. Period. A .50 S&W does you no good if you can’t handle it. A gun which doesn’t fit well your hand won’t be easy to control. Shoot what you can shoot well. Everyone has their own opinion, and that’s okay… you don’t have to be the ONLY one who made “the right choice”, because the “right” choice for someone with large hands will be different than the “right” choice for someone with small hands – and the same goes for the choices made by a 275 lb. man and a 95 lb. woman. The first thing I tell EVERYONE who is looking for a handgun is to try as many as possible: different makes and calibers, different frames (both size and composition), etc. and find what “feels right” for you. A person will always shoot better when they are comfortable, relaxed, and confident with their weapon of choice. BTW – I’m a CZ 9mm guy, and no one can talk me out of it – so don’t even try: I already realize it’s not made in the U.S.A., that it’s not as plentiful as some others so doesn’t have as high numbers in the popularity or widely-used categories, and that the drop power of a 9mm isn’t as great as a .357 Magnum or .45 – but it’s comfortable to my grip and I have never had a single malfunction in over 2000 rounds fired. I can consistently place all 16 rounds in the kill-zone of a B27 at 8 yards which is within the range most confrontations are likely to occur, and I’m pretty sure that if I can find my target accurately and efficiently with most of the 16 rounds of Winchester Ranger hollow-points I use for HD/CC, I’ll fare pretty well. 🙂

  • merrychicago

    An opinion is not a fact, it’s just an opinion…..

  • Dr. Daniel Jackson

    What kind of Conceal Carry list doesn’t have a S&W JFrame,that is just wrong to not include one of the best options,it definitely deserves to be on the list more than that pos SCCY CPX.(yeah SCCY’s suck,worse than kel-tecs by a mile,and kel-tecs are pretty damn bad)

  • LS

    Might sound strange but my concealed carry is a Smith and Wesson 625 4 inch Mountain gun in 45 colt.I carry in a Bob Mernickle holster with Eagle secret service grips that are smaller than the factory Houges.The holster rides high on the waist and with an un tucked shirt tail is concealed nicely.I also carry six extra rounds in a looped rig on my belt.

  • 7541west

    The guy with the BB gun story has to take the cake of “Tall Tales” and is either high on drugs, stoned on dope or wasted on alcohol! Please, people who may be reading this article looking for serious advice on self-defense weapons should reject everything he says about ANYTHING no matter the subject…because he has lost ALL credibility with such a ….how to say it and still be kind…uninformed and totally silly rant on the “I have a BB gun that can kill a man at 50 yards”. This also could be a 5 year old who got hold of his mommy’s computer (he could also be the one he referenced in his rant of the “retarded 10 yr old on crack”…whose to say. Back to more serious issues… This article is a good start for someone wanting to gather information when they are considering the choice of a self-defense firearm….good reading and stay safe!

  • Cody B

    No XDS?! WTF

  • Patrizia Beck

    With all the Glock discussion and Sexist “fleamale” comments, as someone who actually uses it daily, I use HK2000 and Sig Sauer P239. Both 9mm. The reason? It fits my hand better which means better control and more accurate double taps. When choosing a handgun it’s what’s best FOR YOU, not name, not caliber. A .45 in the hands of a novice is worthless if you can’t hit your target. 2 .22’s to the head is better than 1 missed .45 head shot. The trigger pull, balance and size of concealment is my top priorities. Not where it’s made or the warranty.

  • Steve G.

    I conceal a Glock 22. Not the most comfy but I do like the longer barrel and the .40 round.

  • RichardB.Riddick

    First time gun buyer here.
    I have a ton of military & police officer friends & what I hear the most from them is the Sig. I’m thinking of the P224. I just wanna double check to make sure they’re not being overly bias. And check to see any other options.
    Just using good ol’ common sense, it would seem reasonable that the ‘best’ personal defense gun is going to be different for everyone. Size, weight & that important ‘feel’ aspect that a few people brought up. I just want a gun that I can carry here in AZ & that, after a lot of practice, I can shoot well, even under duress.

  • Rick Clines

    .380 and above and you will be fine. Any and all arguments between .380/9mm/.40/.45/etc are irrelevant. Ignore them all. Just get a good reliable gun in one of those sizes and buy good ammo.

    • Rick Clines

      S&W, KAHR, Glock, Ruger, Springfield. Can’t go wrong with those brands. If you got extra money burning a hole in your pants the get a Kimber.

  • Dale Weller

    Actually, I like to carry my 20mm anti aircraft battery around with me, I figure that will stop most anything I may run across.

  • Alohawest

    As a Fireman for the last 36 years and a Gun nut, Everyone has their opinion on what is best, I have into the hundreds of guns, but I have never shot a Glock, I can’t say one way or the other on a Glock, For the longest time I thought my S&W 915 was the best until I got my Sig-Saur 1911 this year, it is now my best gun ever, as for you guy and gals that say .22 are not worth anything, I have gone to more deaths from a .22 cal and the bad guys who were breaking into the house and were shot by a .22 they all said the same thing, they heard a loud sound and then pain, they all were within a block or less from where they got shot if they were a live, my Wife and 16 year old have .22’s my Daughter keeps it by her bed and my wife carry’s hers, their easy to handle and they can unload the clip in seconds with no recoil and they don’t miss, my 3 24 year old Boys all carry .45’s but then again their all 6’3″ and 240 pounds so they can handle them with ease, one has a Kimber, one has a .44 Desert Eagle and the other has a Colt. Find whats best for you and what fits you best, go to the range and practice, if you don’t it may not matter what you have. Happy Shooting

  • Oscar

    I like my xds over all of the above

  • Biff Budd

    Check out the Ruger SR9c. I spent time shooting about fifty pistols a couple weeks ago at our range (a service they offer…very cool) and even though it comes in bigger calibers, the 9mm is compact, holds 10+1 and 16+1. For regular folks like me, regardless of training, if you have to fire capacity may be really important in a stress situation. It is smooth and very underrated. Oh, and for left-handers like me it has ambidextrous safeties…very nice feature. My wife chose the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and she is very pleased with her purchase. She has never owned a gun before and fired plenty before choosing the Shield.

  • Red NY

    looking for info on the blog, not a pissing contest

    • Josey Wales

      Depending on how you would carry it either in a purse or on your body. If you are a first time gun buyer/user you cannot go wrong with a revolver. I carry a Walther PPS .40 on the small of my back inside a (IWB) inside-waist-band holster. It only holds 6 rounds. I have carried for years now in the event of an emergency. 6 bullets is all you really need. Gun fights usually only last seconds so I could potentially fire 2-3 rounds at the “bad guy” then run my @ss off. So, it basically boils down to 1. What is purpose of the weapon 2. How do you want to carry it 3. What “feels right” to you in your hands and 4. Most importantly pick a handgun that you can pick up/grab/swing around/aim in 1 second and pull the trigger with something that your finger strength can use quickly. If you have gun shows in your area, go to them “just to look and experiment though” because show prices are just that….They like to show how dang expensive they can be. Talk to the vendors, ask questions and pick up and feel as many types of handguns as you can. When you are ready to buy you can normally find really good (New Gun) prices on the internet and have it shipped to a local gun shop in your area. This will save you quite a bit of money. Hope this helps, Good Luck in your search.

  • Ashley Johnson

    I love my M&P he is my baby 🙂

  • Doug McLearen

    Most importantly I want a gun I am good with, then I want it easily concealable. So a small .380 is not ideal but it’s better then nothing especially if your good with it. Most crackhead thugs will runaway pissing there pants with any type of gun aimed or shot at them.

  • Doug McLearen

    carry what ever the hell you want or nothing at all, why would I give a shit

  • daisy’sDad

    I carry a S&W 500 just in case. Those crack heads scare me. If I could figure out how to conceal my 50 bmg, I’d carry that too. I’m just messing around. Carry the weapon that makes you feel comfortable. If you can’t find one that you feel comfortable with don’t carry one. There are a lot of people who live great lives and never touch a gun. Some of y’all are confused about firearms. The firearm you choose to carry doesn’t make your manhood bigger. It’s not a weeny swinging contest. You should pray to god that you never have to show it to anyone, and praise him for the freedoms of our rights.

  • Saucy Mitts

    Old thread, but I’ll add my two cents.

    When the SHTF, the tiny 9mm I will always carry comfortably is still better than my big ass .45 1911 that I always leave on the night stand.

    With the way things are in this country right now, it doesn’t matter if it’s a .22LR, .25 ACP, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .500 Magnum, or even a .950 JDJ (lol)…CARRY SOMETHING! Whatever firearm you choose for your comfort, learn it inside and out, take training courses with it, and become proficient with it. Shooting 100 rounds a year through it isn’t going to cut it. If you’re going to carry it, and you’re going to pull it to save your life if the need arises, then make sure you can hit your target at least twice in the chest and once in the head…and continue until they fall down and die.

  • cliffintex

    First of all, remember that anyone can post here and they can all be Spec Ops heroes.
    1. Few civilians are prepared to shoot someone. That is a mindset that the military trains EVERYDAY for. Not once a week at a shooting range. Very few Police officers have ever pulled a weapon.
    2. The bigger the caliber weapon you can handle, the better your chances are of taking someone out with one shot.
    3. What will make the difference in your survival in a weapons confrontation is your will power.
    4. These days, you are more likely to be faced with a hopped up looney that is bigger than you are and a .22 or .380 will not stop him. You may survive, but the odds are you will be hurt. Carry as large of a caliber that you can handle comfortably.
    5. If you do carry and pull a weapon – it isn’t for show. You pull a weapon you shoot! If you think you can trash talk by showing a weapon you will most certainly be hurt badly – if not killed. Real life is far different from TV or movies.
    6. The above being said – if you’re afraid (flinch while shooting) of your weapon – it’s too big. Select the caliber of weapon that you are very comfortable with and train, train, train.
    7. If you do pull a weapon you MUST advance on the bad guy all the while firing. If you have the presence of mind to turn sideways you will offer a slimmer profile to the bad guy.
    8. There are trainers all across the country that can teach you the realities of carrying and shooting. Do not put your life in the hands of a lover – get real training.

  • Great, thorough post! This is definitely one of the more complete lists of top concealed carry guns I’ve seen. One of our instructors recently posted his take on our blog ( and listed the Smith & Wesson M&P Shields as one of his top, much like yourself. His post really centers on the need for understanding what capabilities you give preference to, and understanding that this means other capabilities may be sacrificed. We’d love any feedback on the post, if you get a chance to check it out!

  • jam

    You big boys should consider a 40 or 50 caliber instead. You should forget the pistols and carry s grenade instead. All of you missed the point of this discussion. It really is meant to review and critique the pistol in question being the KIMBERLY SUB COMPACT.
    I like it because it satisfied most of my concealed a
    Carry needs. It carries better than the 38, 45 and any other bigger caliber weapon, and i own them all. I can carry it all day without it bothering me. I still carry my 45 in the car. The security this compact brings is phenomenal. You should all buy one and try it out before putting it down. Any weapon is better than nothing, especially one you choose to leave behind because it weighted you down so much you decided no to carry it the one time you needed it.

  • tom56071

    you want the least recoil and the best placement shot and how many rounds you can fire before the gun jams and how fast you can reload your gun 9mm I think would be the best round use hollow points for damage and not target ammo and get the best ammo on the market your life depends on it

  • ajgrmpa

    As a retired police officer and firearms instructor, I see so many inaccurate statements. Any pistol caliber can kill. 22 caliber will bounce around and cause a lot of damage, but death is not immediate. 380 will do the same thing. 9mm does not kill an assailant unless you can do a head shot. I know for a fact, someone shot by a 9mm 2-3 times can still shoot back. The best caliber is .45 acp. With their heavy round and subsonic speed, it is the best round to quickly eliminate the threat. I have seen victims shot in the heart and live for 15 to 30 minutes.
    Unless it is a head shot, there is no guarantee that 1 shot or 2-3 shots will put a threat down.
    The simple fact is a large caliber with a slower velocity works better. Any threat you encounter, no matter how many rounds you fire, an assailant is a threat until their hearts stop beating or they bleed out.

  • micah hills

    Just found out that the shield will fire 380’s you just have to re cock it each time. My wife put in my Ruger 380’s thinking they were 9mm.