Top Pocket Pistols

Take a look at some of the top pocket pistols for your everyday carry needs!

Top Pocket Pistols - Deep Cover Rugers

Top Pocket Pistols – Deep Cover Rugers

Deep Cover Rugers
Sturm Ruger is one American company that has entered the pocket-pistol market full bore with dependable and innovative products built to last. For the ultimate in pocket pistol comfort and concealability, Ruger offers the outstanding LCP (Lightweight Carry Pistol), while the LC9 is a full-power, 9mm, DAO, recoil-operated, hammer-fired, fiberglass-reinforced, nylon-framed, semi-automatic pistol. There is also the SR9c, a compact, striker-fired, DAO version of the Ruger SR9, and the SR40c, an extremely compact version of the full-sized pistol. As author Jorge Amselle writes: “The industry’s habit of turning popular full-size guns into super-compact pistols has found a receptive audience among shooters who desire a familiar gun design modified for maximum concealability.”

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Top Pocket Pistols - Kahr Companions

Top Pocket Pistols – Kahr Companions

Kahr Companions
Founded in 1995, Kahr Arms has always been dedicated to providing top-notch pistols for self protection. Their CW9 and CW40 use a 3.6 inch barrel, matte stainless slide, and polymer frame with sights consisting of a drift adjustable bar-dot rear sight with a pinned in polymer front sight. For more concealment there is the CM9 and CM40, with the same basic features as the PM series of compact pistols. Kahr’s P series utilizes polymer frames using metal inserts embedded in the frame, while the PM45, the smallest in the series, cuts the barrel down to 3.24 inches and carries 5+1 rounds of .45 ACP. Author David Bahde concludes: “When it comes to concealed carry, Kahr has long been an industry leader.”

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Top Pocket Pistols - Kimber Defenders

Top Pocket Pistols – Kimber Defenders

Kimber Defenders

For those looking for a great carry gun for everyday defense, Kimber has something that should definitely fit the bill. The company’s Solo series is a small 9mm handgun that fits in the palm of your hand and has the bite that only a 9mm can give, while its Micro Carry is well suited to those trained and familiar with the operation of the 1911-style pistol. For those who want a compact 1911 chambered in .45 ACP, Kimber offers the Ultra, a 1911 pistol that features a three-inch barrel and a short grip for ease of concealment. “Those accustomed to the 1911 will be right at home with the Ultra Carry II,” notes author Robert Sadowski. “No learning curve is required.” From ones based directly on the classic 1911 to cutting-edge new designs like the Solo Carry, these Kimbers should be perfect for making sure you stay safe every day.

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  • Instructor354

    Wow, not one mention of the Bersa 380 cc. They are consistently rated highest quality, extremely accurate, and virtually fail proof. Also, what’s with all the laser sighting on these things. Simply an add on to sell it to the street thugs to make it more like their video games. In reality, a laser sight is more harmful than useful in a defensive situation. 1. Most defensive gun fights happen fast and close range, and you need to fire instinctively, not do dead aims. 2. Even remembering you have a laser sight and then how to activate it waste precious time you likely do not have. 3. Having a laser sight means you will use and rely on it in practice, making you less accurate shooting instinctively. 4. In a real situation, if u do have the time to turn it on and try to use it, you will not likely be very calm about it. If you are shaking at all, that laser dot will be dancing all over the target. One quarter inch if shake at your short barrel will amplify to over a foot on your target 10feet away.

    • yikesarama

      Agree about the Bersa but not about the laser. a,. For fast, close range gun fights the laser won’t make a difference. You can practice for just that situation by turning it off. b. But other situations you don’t mention (getting knocked to the ground, for ex., requiring you to fire at a super weird angle, maybe while being kicked) are excellent laser applications. c. There are already laser designs that activate automatically and holsters that will activate it when you pull the gun, so fiddling with on switches isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a problem, and d. For short-barreled guns, lasers can add accuracy like nobody’s business. Really excellent with a 2″ belly gun if you do have to shoot say 15′ when your adrenaline is going nuts.

  • Obersaber

    Most powerful pocket pistol for 2014 is the Boberg XR45-S. Rated for .45acp+P and 45 SUPER. Bullpup design with very mild recoil and outstanding accuracy.


    Should the Walther PK380 be included also?

  • Trey Walker

    Sig P238? C’mon. Which is identical to the colt… Maybe that’s why?