For the wildland firefighters known as “smokejumpers” who parachute into remote fire-line positions, a good knife is an essential tool. Recently, Ruana Knife Works and TOPS Knives teamed up to celebrate the bravery exhibited by these firefighters by crafting the Ruana Smokejumper. A recreation of a Ruana design from the 1960s, the knife was reviewed by Kregg P.J. Jorgenson for the May 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES.

“The knife is based on the original Model 10-B ‘Smokejumper’ of the 1960s made by the late and legendary Montana knife-maker Rudy Ruana. The high quality and reliability of the 10-B knife that proved itself in the fire service soon found favor with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, not to mention the discerning modern-day collectors who value them for their quality craftsmanship,” notes Jorgenson in his review.

Jorgenson continues, “The Ruana Americana Smokejumper is 7.25 inches in overall length with a 3-inch cutting edge that, most importantly, holds an edge. Its 1095 high-carbon steel, with 7 feet of paracord braided around its skeleton handle, making for a durable, lightweight, 3-ounce knife. The knife comes with a sturdy Kydex sheath, belt clip, heavy chain and a carabineer, so it can easily be attached to a belt, a D-ring or rucksack, offering a few practical carrying options. That’s not a bad thing when you’re hunting, camping or hiking the backcountry, let alone jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.”

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  • rebart

    Just wait until that paracord handle gets soaked in dirty water, or grease, or oil, or comes frayed, then ask them how much they like it.