Personal Security Products – Hike N’ Strike

Personal Security Walking Stick

Personal Security Walking Stick

Personal Security Products has developed a new stun gun in the form of a walking stick called the Hike N’ Strike. The stick can be carried either collapsed into a baton or lengthened for hiking. It features both a built-in stun gun and flashlight, which is perfect for dog walkers or anyone who goes out walking alone. Protect yourself from muggers, aggressive stray dogs or wild animals.

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Phoebus Mission Light | VIDEO

A brilliant new arrival from Phoebus, the Mission Light is a hands-free flashlight that is worn as a ring that faces the inside of the palm. The rubber ring is fully adjustable and completely comfortable, as the whole thing weighs only half an ounce. The LED lamp shines at 100 lumens and can switch between red, blue and white light. The Mission Light is powered by a replaceable lithium coin battery that lasts for 3 hours on high power or 15 hours on low power. The rubber ring is available in several colors, including a clear rubber that glows in the dark. This is a great item for late-night joggers!


The Mission Light body is protected by a user-friendly silicon skin with an elongated elastic strap that you wrap around your finger, and secure it to the hook at the rear of the body. There are 2 positions on the strap to help secure the light to large fingers, small fingers or for use with gloves. It can also be mounted to a fixed object like a fishing pole, handlebar or virtually anything round.

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OffHand Gear NORB

OffHand Gear presents the NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag), a new range bag designed with the lady shooter in mind. Resembling an upscale laptop bag on the outside, its slim profile makes it easy to carry and stow. But on the inside, there is plenty of room for your guns, magazines, hearing/eye protection and cleaning supplies, with lots of pockets to keep everything organized. The NORB makes it easy to lose the bulky range bag without losing your carrying capacity.

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