Many major manufactures have trended toward tactical designs with their shotgun lines for 2014, and we’ve got 10 New Tactical Shotguns for you to check out! Magpul furniture is getting props from Mossberg and Remington. Meanwhile, magazine-fed kits from Adaptive Tactical, and guns from Saiga and Rhino Arms are adding capacity and flexibility, while Charles Daly, CZ, ATI, Legacy Sports, and TriStar have their own brand of new tactical shotguns! Check out the selections below to see what’s new in this year’s tactical shotgun market.


Adaptive Tactical – Venom Rotary/Box Magazine Kit

Adaptive Tactical has introduced conversion kits for a 10-round rotary magazine or a five-round box magazine for Mossberg Model 500/590 12-gauge shotguns and Maverick 88 pump shotguns. The polymer parts kits include a rotary or box magazine, a forend with action bars, a magazine tube, a barrel clamp and a forend grip.

For more information, visit Adaptive Tactical.


ATI TAC-SX2 Semi-Auto

The TAC-SX2 semi-automatic shotgun from American Tactical Imports (ATI) is chambered in 12 gauge and sports an 18.5-inch barrel. The forend and buttstock are a matte black synthetic, and the butt is equipped with a ventilated recoil pad. The ATI-SX2 offers a 4+1 capacity.

For more information, visit American Tactical Imports.


Charles Daly 300HD-LH

Charles Daly took their popular 300HD Home Defense pump shotguns and created the 300HD-LH, a variant that’s user friendly to left-handed users. The modified 12-gauge model takes both 2¾- and 3-inch shells. It features a 28-inch barrel, a synthetic stock and a bead front sight. The 300HD-LH offers a 5+1 capacity and weighs 8 pounds.

For more information, visit Charles Daly.


CZ 612 HC-P

The 612 HC-P (Horde Control-Pump) shotgun from CZ features a black polymer pistol grip and full-length polymer forend. The 20-inch barrel sports a ghost ring rear sight and fiber-optic front sigh. Weighing 6.5 pounds, the 12-gauge 612 HC-P has an overall length of 39.5 inches and is chambered for 3-inch shells.

For more information, visit CZ-USA.


Escort Gladius

Legacy Sports International’s Escort Gladius 20-gauge shotguns offer power and control through pump and semi-auto models. Each Escort Gladius offers a capacity of 5+1 rounds, plus the black polymer stock holds two extra shells. A vertical grip is attached to the forend for added control during rapid fire. Weighing 6.8 pounds, the Escort Gladius models feature overall lengths of 40 inches and 18-inch barrels. Tri-rails are included on the shotgun’s forend, and the rear sight is a ghost ring.

For more information, visit Legacy Sports International.


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