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  • pcnotpc

    This is using a gas-delayed blowback system like the classic H&K P7. The P7 experienced “problems” with the frame getting too hot under the barrel during rounds of sustained fire. Is this going to happen with the Walther CCP and if so, how will it affect the polymer frame in that area?

    • sim597

      the P7 wasn’t even steel, or poly of course, but made out of aluminum, that was a heat problem from the start. I am almost certain WALTHER at least addressed that issue if not completely fixed it.

      • pkill

        Good point. Aluminum, like copper is a great conductor of heat. As I recall, HK’s solution was to put a PLASTIC heat shield on the trigger guard.

        • Russel

          HK P7 was all steel, the heat shield added later to the M8/M13 models was polymer! Aluminum? better do some research son.

      • bangsy

        Actually, the P7 is all steel–at least mine is.