Drones Take Home Defense to the Air | VIDEO

Remote controlled drones outfitted with cameras are ideal for home security without ever putting the homeowner at risk.

From deadbolt locks to security alarms to motion-activated cameras, the evolution of home defense has been taken to new and exciting levels over the years.

So it’s no surprise that creation of innovative designs in home security has gone up … literally.

Remote-controlled drones take home defense to the air, allowing the homeowner to survey any potential threats on their property from the safety of their living room.

The drone can be controlled manually via a remote or it can be hooked up to a computer that is controlled by the homeowner. One simple tap of the computer screen puts the drone in flight. Once a specific location is inputted into the computer, the drone will take off and survey the location, relaying a video back to either a monitor on the drone’s controller or a pair of video goggles worn by the homeowner.

There are also customizable options to improve the level of security the homeowner would like. Speakers can be planted on the bottom of the drone to warn any intruder to leave the property. Non-lethal options like a taser or mace can also be added to the drone in case the intruder persists.

The camera on the drone also allows for customizable upgrades like infrared or night vision cameras for various circumstances.

The drone is ideal for homeowners with large plots of land that might be tough to individually monitor. If a security monitor is tripped during the night, the drone can do the dirty work while the homeowner remains safe until authorities arrive.

At the moment, federal legislation allows homeowners to operate drones legally, keeping homeowners safe and moving home defense another step forward in the 21st century.


Video Producer: Scott Conditt

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  • Eric Mikowski

    Should be interesting as batteries improve and drones can fly for longer periods. Added a link to this story at http://www.dronedump.com/

  • AFCrewChief

    Excellent way for us to defend ourselves against our ever threatening over reaching Government

  • Bob

    Is there legal precedent to “arming” remotely controlled home defense drones with non-lethal items such as a taser? I’m interested in an “in-home remotely controlled turret” system that allows a home owner to view and defend his home and property against an attack.