In a potential life-or-death situation, any person would want the best high-tech products on the market to help their chances of survival. Stun guns that look like iPhones, smartphone adapters for thermal vision and environmental monitoring systems are just the tip of the iceberg. These brand new high-tech products from manufacturers like Celestron and TacProGear give anyone the necessary tools to survive, whether it’s at home, in the big city or in the wilderness. Check out our list below and equip yourself for the next time you need to be prepared!


Altus Brands Pro Ears

Altus Brands’ Pro Ears are electronic earmuffs that let outdoorsmen hear every sound around them while protecting their hearing from gunshots and other loud noises through Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology. All noises over 70 decibels are immediately reduced to half their volume through this technology. Pro Ears have no exterior wiring, and each earpiece contains a military-grade circuit board that’s impervious to the elements and compatible with mobile devices and scanners.

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Brite-Strike USA Tactical Survival Knife

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