Holster options abound. When I set a record for the Panteao Productions video Massad Ayoob on Concealed Carry this year, I used just about all of those methods to hide more than 50 loaded handguns at once.

Each of us has our own preferences. They may relate to body shape and condition, or habituation, or job regulations, or wardrobe…or all of the above, and more. Some follow the rule of the great holster designer and master of gun concealment, John Bianchi. “Bianchi’s Law” states, “same gun, same place, all the time.” Some others have found it necessary to have a wardrobe of holsters (and of carry guns, the so-called “carry rotation”) to accommodate different needs at different times. Let’s look at some of the options.

No, I haven’t covered everything. Not hybrid holsters. Not the ones that allow you to conceal a weapon with a mounted flashlight. There wasn’t space; you need a book for that. Oddly enough (shameless self-serving plug here), I’ve written one for you: Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry, Second Edition, currently available from F&W Publications, Amazon or Barnes & Noble. But I hope what follows is of use. While you’re at it, we were able to get a lot of useful tips into the Massad Ayoob on Concealed Carry video, too.


Strong-Side Hip Carry

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