There are a host of manufacturers offering effective pocket pistols in a number of different chamberings to suit your everyday concealed carry needs. But when there are this many options, where does one start? To help with this process, we’ve put together a list of the top 15 pocket pistols from companies such as Glock, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Springfield, Smith & Wesson and many more. When it comes to self defense, go with the best and forget the rest.

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  • Zedaroni

    How can you even list the Beretta Pico? The gun was revealed at Shot Show 2013 and has still not been released to the market…LOL Good job of just picking some small pistols to throw up as eye candy for your article

  • Matt Tennyson

    Yeah, having the Remington R1 on this list and not one Walther? PPS, PPK?

  • MrSchmitt

    Not to mention the p380.. That’s a cw380. It’s freaking engraved on the slide

  • DanTheMan

    The lc9is a pocket pistol? Or should we have gone with the lack there? Poor article….

  • Donald Burns

    Ummm.. how about the M&P shield? Or a mentioned below a walther PPK?

  • Miguel Hernandez

    I carry the Beretta Nano …Ex police officer with years of carring heavy chunks of weapons…let me tell you that the Nano paired with an leather kidex holster that spreads the weight on your belt is like heaven…you forget you are actually carring. Concealment is achiveable even in shorts and Tshirts here in S.C.

  • Susan Cooper

    Seacamp for the last 40+ years???? Others are not even close.

  • John C Sell Jr

    Seriously, the R51? Not only is it big and heavy but there still seems to be a lot of problems with most of them. How about a Shield or some sort of Walther, maybe a Bersa??? Even the PF-9?

  • Jarhead6541

    No mention of what is probably the best selling pocket pistol in the U S A, the Taurus P738 TCP .380 cal.? It’s one of the smallest, lightest and least expensive carry weapons available.

    • Justin DeHetre

      I have one and love it! Taurus gets unfairly snubbed by most major publications as being a lowly bottom feeder, but you really can’t argue with their solid dependability. And anything that carries an absolute no-questions-asked warranty, how bad can it possibly be?!

  • John

    What a joke. Solo and r51 Are junk. No lcp? Seecamp?

  • John C Sell Jr

    Midsize 1911 with a 5 inch barrel and full sized frame? Sounds more like a standard sized 1911 to me and not a midsize (Commander).

  • Brian Mumford

    The Remington R51? Really? Yeah, the trust factor for is not high after recommending that trainwreck.

  • Tom Bonaroo

    I used to have that Guardian. It was just a little too heave, but an awesome shooter.