When an unknown bump wakes you up at 3:00 a.m. there are few things as comforting as a good shotgun. Most criminals will stop in their tracks when faced with the gaping muzzle of a scattergun. A pumpgun has several things going for it as a home defense tool, including its effectiveness, its simplicity and its well-known intimidation factor. Read on to learn more about the top 6 shotguns for home security.

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  • Thomas Joseph

    Keltec KSG? Short barrel – manueverable, 14 + 1 rounds of 2 3/4. Home defense MUST!

    • Craig Ziegenhagel

      I could not agree with you more Thomas. I have one, much easier to manuever in hallways than a long barrell. Get the new short shot shells and I believe it will hold 21 rounds.

  • papaswamp

    Several aspects I see lacking in articles recommending home defense weapons and should always be included:
    1) Ease of securely storing.
    2) Ease of access from storage and brining to condition 1.
    3) Ease of operation in zero light ( does the safety location, chamber release make sense for right and left hand operation, integrated light or low light sights?)
    4) Ammunition types/functionality.
    5) Ammunition penetration of structure ( risk of hitting unintended targets in another room or house).

    Granted these can be seperate articles, BUT need to immediately follow/linked to any type of recommendation such as this. Have the authors actually tried the recommended weapons? Have they seen the different methods for securing said weapons? Have they manuvered in tight spaces with them? Operated them in zero light? Have they tried home building material penetration tests?

    I meet numerous people that buy defense firearms, take them home and then say, ‘oh crap, now what?’