GlockStore‘s Pyramid Trigger System is a drop-in trigger which results in a lighter, shorter, crisper and more consistent trigger action on virtually all Glock pistols. Watch the video below for a closer look at this product.

According to the press release, the trigger itself is machined from aerospace grade billet aluminum. Pre-travel and over-travel are adjustable for precise operation, yet it maintains the safety features built into the Glock. This trigger also improves accuracy. The trigger pull is shorter and lighter, and the shooter is less likely to disturb the sight alignment when shooting. This lets the shooter keep their sights on target until ammo ignition. The Pyramid Trigger also enables owners to personalize their Glock with 36 different color combinations of trigger and safety at no extra cost.

“The Pyramid Trigger System is task engineered with only the finest construction methods and materials,” the press release reads. “Our uniquely identifiable gold trigger bar is coated in Titanium Nitride, as is the premium Safety Plunger. This creates an extremely hard and friction free surface… contributing to the crisp, consistent “break” that Pyramid Trigger owners appreciate, expect, and now demand!”

The Pyramid Trigger System is currently available in three configurations: the Basic kit which includes the Pyramid Trigger System assembly for drop-in installation, the Complete kit which adds GlockStore’s Titanium Safety Plunger with rounded shoulders and friction-free coating for positive safety action and minimal wear, as well as the Competition Spring Kit and Double Diamond Connector, and the Ultimate kit, which includes everything in the Basic and Complete configurations, plus a skeletonized striker for faster “pin to primer” speeds and increased primer penetration, even with hard primer ammunition.

The Pyramid Trigger System can be purchased for an MSRP ranging from $139.95 to $249.95 over at

For more information about the Pyramid Trigger System, please visit

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  • Pyramid Sucks

    Huge piece of crap, the owner CEO is a super douche, and he will take your money and leave you hanging.

  • Unhappy Gunsmith

    I will never deal with these triggers again. I have installed 5 or more for one customer and every single one was supposed to be drop in, however only two worked out the box the rest had to have the adjustment screws tweaked as directed by their “technician” on the customer service line. After finally getting them to pass the trigger reset test consistently when the went out for test fire, NOPE THEY RAN FULL AUTO! with no warning at all and even after passing the trigger reset function check. These trigger kits are not reliable and not safe and their company does not stand behind their product. I’ve installed hundreds of aftermarket triggers in several different handguns and never had this much problem out of an aftermarket trigger. I will now refuse to order or install Pyramid Triggers and am going to continue to do everything in my power to see that this issue is addressed as well as contacting BATF if I have to to have them removed from the market.