Nightstick, a brand of professional lighting solutions under Bayco Products, is expanding its line of dual-light flashlight-floodlights by introducing the NSR-9924XL and NSR-9944XL.

According to the press release, these duty/personal size dual-lights both come with a sharp-focused LED flashlight which uses a deep parabolic reflector designed for distance illumination, as well as an unfocused LED floodlight for illumination when conducting close-up tasks. These two lights can be used independently and simultaneously in either product. The flashlight is powered by a CREE LED rated at 650 lumens, with a beam rated at 275 meters (902 feet). The floodlight provides the end user with a wide, even, unfocused light rated at 600 lumens. In dual-light mode, users eliminate the need to carry two separate products.

“You use a flashlight differently than a floodlight, and that is why Nightstick is proud to feature the latest addition to the dual-light line-up of lighting products with the NSR-9924XL and NSR-9944XL models,” says Russell Hoppe, Nightstick Marketing Manager. “Whether your need is a multi-functional flashlight to see long distances, a wide, even floodlight to illuminate your immediate surroundings, or both at the same time, the Nightstick NSR-9924XL and NSR-9944XL dual-lights provide all of the above and more in one single product. By combining an Xtreme Lumen product with the unlimited applications created by Nightstick’s exclusive dual-light technology, you permanently upgrade the way professionals have in the past, are today, and will forever use lighting.”

As the press release notes, the NSR-9924XL has a glass-filled nylon polymer housing and an aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum tail-cap, as well as a 316 stainless steel bezel. Both the tail-cap and the bezel have a Type 3 hard anodized finish. Meanwhile, the NSR-9944XL housing, bezel ring, and tail-cap are made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. Both are IP-X7 waterproof, serialized for personal identification, and powered by a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (included) for increased run time.


* Super-bright Xtreme Lumens design
* CREE LED technology – 50,000+ hours LED
* Flashlight/Floodlight/Dual-Light
* Momentary or constant-on plus 3 brightness levels & strobe
* Sharp focused flashlight beam
* High-efficiency deep parabolic reflector
* Effective beam distance of 275 meters (over 902 feet)
* Unfocused wide-beam floodlight for close-up illumination
* Dual-Light (flashlight & floodlight at the same time) for maximum safety & versatility
* Glass-filled nylon polymer housing, Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum tail cap and 316 stainless steel bezel (NSR-9924XL)
* Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum housing/tail cap and 316 stainless steel bezel (NSR-9944XL)
* Type 3 hard anodized finish
* Non-slip grip
* Flashlight/strobe – body & tail switch (tandem operation)
* Floodlight – second body switch
* Waterproof
* Impact & chemical resistant
* Serialized for personal identification
* Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (included)

For more information about the new editions to the Nightstick line of dual-lights, and the full range of products currently offered by Bayco, please visit

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