Teaching deadly force to police since 1972 and serving as an expert witness for the courts in weapons and shooting cases since 1979, I’ve been inside a lot more shooting cases than the average person. I cringe when I hear people advise others to say nothing to the police after a self-defense incident, because the decades have taught me that “don’t talk to the cops” only seems to work well for guilty people. Using a guilty man’s legal defense strategy is a good way to end up with a guilty man’s verdict.

I began teaching armed citizens in 1981, through the Lethal Force Institute, and did so until 2009. I now teach in the private sector. Throughout those 33 years, and with great results, I’ve taught the following five-point checklist for the immediate aftermath to my students. Now, all of you legally armed COMBAT HANDGUNS readers can tuck this one away, too.

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