Underestimation can prevent you from using an object to its potential. Do not underestimate the value of the pocket rimfire pistol in your defensive handgun lineup as it can serve as a highly effective training tool. Occasional ammo shortages notwithstanding, the .22 LR cartridge tends to be very affordable to shoot. A rimfire version of a defensive pistol can allow the shooter to improve both accuracy and weapon manipulation skills.

In addition, for anyone with significant upper body strength deficiencies or physical ailments, a gun chambered in .22 LR might be the only handgun that can be reliably operated. While few people would claim that a .22 will be as effective as a 9mm or .45 ACP at stopping a determined attacker, a pistol loaded with .22-caliber rounds and effectively employed can be a life saver. Here are a few of the .22-caliber rimfire handguns on the market that are worth your consideration when it comes to CCW self-defense.


For More Information

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Kimber Rimfire Conversion Kit

North American Arms .22 LR Mini-Revolver

Ruger LCR-22

Ruger SR-22
Ruger SR-22

Sig Sauer P938 22LR Rosewood

Smith & Wesson M&P22 Compact

Taurus 22 PLY

Taurus Model 94

Walther PPK/S



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  • jtns

    one cannot go wrong with a ruger lcr 22, it goes bang everytime and remington yellow jackets are hot little rounds. i easily hit my point of aim at selfdefense ranges. i would rather hit with a 22 than miss with something larger. and if one wants to upgrade to a 38 or 357, the 22 lcr serves as an excellent training platform for its bigger brothers. the 22wmr is a bit of a waste at six shots with the snubby 2″ barrel. if ruger would make a lcr-x in 22wmr or 22lr with 3″ barrels, and up the 22wmr count to seven at least, it would have more winners.

  • Nice roundup of some of the rimfire options. Don’t know how reliable they are in a self defense scenario, but they are great for training . Even a .22 pistol improves marksmanship and it’s easy to get a new shooter comfortable firing a weapon like that. The ammo price is also right. You can rip through 500 rounds for about $15; you can’t beat that.

    • Steve Miller

      15 bucks ? Where ? I mean it , I would love to know.

      • ‘Course it depends on your ammo of choice, but try this site: http://www.bulkammo.com/rimfire/bulk-.22-lr-ammo

        • Steve Miller

          90 bucks for 500. 15 bucks might get you 50 there. I can get it local for less than half of their prices. I really wasn’t asking the question because there is no 500 for 15 dollars anymore. But, thanks

          • Ray S.

            $15 for 50 rounds? That’s ridiculous. I buy 22lr here in NC at $3-5 the most for a 50 round box. 22wmr cost me $15-16 a box. I use both calibers for hunting and plinking from a Ruger 10/22 and single action revolver. I know a lot of people complain that 22 has gone up. Yeah it has, but so has every other caliber since that Sandy Hook incident. You can’t even find 9mm at prices it use to sell for. I remember I use to pay $2-3 a box for 22 and close to $7-8 a box for 9mm. And there’s no denying that even with the prices going up 22lr is still the cheapest round to shoot unless you’re shooting BBs. And yeah you can’t probably get 500 22 rounds for $15 anymore but I am paying $21.99 for those 325 boxes. That’s around .06 cents a round.

        • Steve Miller

          Just checked. They have some to sell. 75.00 and more per 500. I just bought 9mm for less. It costs more to make 9mm than .22’s. It has nothing to do with things costing more now as some fool said.

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