There is an art to concealed carry, the art of distraction. Much like an illusionist uses this skill to draw attention away from the trick being performed, a concealed carry holster and the handgun it contains should not appear to be where they are. With so many of today’s pocket pistols being smaller, lighter and easier to handle than small- to medium-caliber handguns were just a decade ago, equally new and innovative holsters have been developed to make concealment less complicated and more secure.

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No single carry gun or carry method will be ideal 100 percent of the time, as weather conditions and clothing choices can impose limitations on some combinations. There are five primary types of concealed carry methods: pocket holsters, inside the waistband (IWB), and belt, shoulder or ankle holsters. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages, and finding the best carry rig is specific to an individual’s needs and choice of handgun. Here are the some of the best options for each category of concealed carry.

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