Virginia Gov. Announces Gun Control Legislation

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Monday a series of gun control measures, including a one-gun-a-month limit on gun buys.

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Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Monday a series of gun control measures, such as bringing back the one-gun-a-month limit on handgun purchases and universal background checks for all purchases at gun shows.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, McAuliffe also wants to prohibit the possession of firearms for people who are subject to protective orders. Those who have committed misdemeanor offenses, including stalking, sexual battery, and domestic violence, would also be prohibited from getting guns. Another measure involves revoking concealed handgun permits for parents delinquent on child support payments.

“As Governor, there is no greater responsibility than ensuring the health and safety of the citizens I serve,” Governor McAuliffe said in a statement. “Our Commonwealth and our nation have seen too many tragedies as a result of dangerous weapons getting into the hands of the wrong people. These common-sense proposals will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, will keep our communities safe, and will help to build a new Virginia economy.”

As points out, the Democratic McAuliffe faces a tough, uphill battle getting these measures passed, as the Republican-controlled General Assembly is highly unlikely to support gun control legislation.

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  • Dan Gregory

    I bet if there was a way to tell,you could find this ahole’s lip prints all over Bloomberg’s butt.

  • Arnie Sorenson

    No but he may have to spit out Bloomberg’s dick to talk. I think with the liberal gun grabbers it has went way beyond ass kissing.

  • mcrognale

    Old news. The legislature leaders already told him to pound sand. Not worth reposting folks.

  • templepearson

    As a former Virginian, I believe that the State could and should be split into two states – Virginia and Northern Virginia (home of the beltway bandits). NoVa progressives could relish life in their socialist anti-gun paradise, while the”real ” Virginia could enjoy freedom.

  • ArmedPatriot

    No offense, but what the F*** does child support have to do with gun violence?
    Maggots like this puke are trying to disarm people…it hasnt got sh*t to do with safety.