Illinois Concealed Carry Law a ‘Non-Event,’ Police Say

Illinois LEOs say the state's concealed carry law hasn't had any noticeable negative effect.

Illinois Concealed Carry, concealed carry

A year after Illinois became the last state in the nation to implement concealed carry, local authorities are finding any fears over the new law to be overblown.

“For us, it’s been a non-event,” Joe Gallo, deputy chief with Champaign police, told the News-Gazette. His opinion is similar to that of LEOs in other counties.

As the News-Gazette reports, one of the chief concerns about concealed carry was pulling over concealed carry permit holders during traffic stops. But Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh said his deputies made just one DUI arrest of a licensed gun carrier in 2014.

“I think people were so concerned about it in the beginning, because there was a lot of media hype and speculation,” said Urbana Police Chief Patrick Connolly. “But quite honestly, we have often said the people who are law-abiding and take the time to go to class and register and understand the concept, hopefully, are going to be smart enough to handle the firearm appropriately. So, I don’t think this was something out of the ordinary.”

“When you’re talking concealed-carry, it’s mostly your law-abiding citizens, who don’t cause problems anyway,” said Danville police Sgt. Josh Campbell.

The News-Gazette reports that about 90,300 permits have been issued in Illinois as of mid-December, well below other states like Indiana, which has 400,000 permit holders, Iowa, with over 240,000, and Missouri, which issued over 130,000 concealed carry permits.

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  • Nick

    Now they need to join other states that allow multiple state ccw permit holders across state lines.


    Why does it ALWAYS come as such a surprise when there’s NOT a bloodbath after a state starts allowing concealed or open carry?

  • ArmedPatriot

    Welcome to the free world.
    Illinois residents would have to be some pretty damned mentally defectives to not be able to handle the responsibility the REST of us in the USA do every day.
    I hardly think thats the case.