North Carolina Homeowner Detains Burglar at Gunpoint

A North Carolina man forced a burglar down to the ground at gunpoint until McDowell County deputies arrived.

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Photo by WLOS

A North Carolina man held a burglar at gunpoint inside his home until police arrived to make an arrest.

According to WLOS, John Painter, 62, was away from home when a neighbor called to tell him there was a suspicious vehicle in his driveway. Painter immediately returned home and saw his door pried open. He went in and saw a man inside his home.

Fortunately, painter managed to grab his gun and force the suspect face down onto the ground. At that point, he called 911.

McDowell County deputies arrived and arrested 35-year-old Joel McMinn. He has been charged with felony breaking and entering, and a misdemeanor.

As WLOS reports, McDowell County Sheriff’s Office says safety should be your top priority. However, if you’re able to safely detain a suspect, deputies encourage you to do so.

“If not they should always just go away, go back to their car, go to a neighbor’s house, whatever, call 911, and let us deal with it,” Richelle Bailey said, McDowell County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer.

More and more people in McDowell County and nationwide are getting concealed carry permits, so criminals should think twice before targeting a home, Bailey warned.

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