Mother, Cop’s Wife Opens Fire On Home Invader in VA

The wife of a James City County police officer shot a home invader in defense of her daughter Wednesday night.

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Photo by WAVY/10 On Your Side

The wife of a local police officer opened fire on a home invader inside her Newport News, Virginia home Wednesday night.

According to 10 On Your Side, police received a call about a burglary in progress at a residence located in the 100 block of Grace Drive at around 10:35 p.m. While they were en route, they were told a shooting had occurred.

Police arrived and were able to determine that a 25-year-old man broke a window and entered the home. Unfortunately for him, he came face-to-face with a mother determined to protect her two-year-old daughter.

“I mean, he was coming at me, and I think he was yelling, but you know, it’s one of those things were it was so fast, I don’t know, but all I knew is he was coming at me and I knew if he got past me, my daughter was in the back room,” the unidentified woman told 10 On Your Side.

The woman shot the suspect. She is familiar with firearms due to trips to the local gun range with her husband, who is a police officer with James City County. He happened to be on duty the night of the shooting.

“Had I not been able to protect myself with the gun, I don’t know what he would have done to me,” the woman told 10 On Your Side. “I don’t know what he would have done to my daughter, there’s no telling, but I’ll never have to find out because I stopped the situation.”

The suspect is currently in stable condition at an area hospital.

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