Texas Nears Passing of Open Carry Law For Handguns

The Texas House of Representatives voted 96-35 in favor of HB 910, a bill that would allow CCW permit holders to openly carry their handguns in a holster.

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Texas is set to become the 45th state in the nation to allow the open carry of handguns.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Texas House of Representatives voted 96-35 in favor of HB 910, which would legally allow residents with concealed carry permits — of which there are 840,000 — to openly carry a handgun in a holster. A similar bill passed in the Senate last month. Now, the differences between the two bills must be ironed out before both are sent off to Gov. Greg Abbott, who has pledged to sign open carry legislation if it lands on his desk.

Currently, only Texas, California, New York, Florida, Illinois and South Carolina prohibit open carry.

In the Lone Star State, citizens must have a concealed carry permit and keep their weapon out of sight if they want to carry in public. Open carry of black powder handguns and long guns, however, is permitted.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, there is also a push by gun-rights groups in Texas to allow students and university employees to carry concealed on college campuses. A so-called campus carry bill was approved by the Senate last month, with the House of Representatives expected to pass a similar measure. Gov. Abbot has also stated his support for campus carry.

“We are seeing historic progress in Texas,” said Terry Holcomb Sr., executive director of gun-rights group Texas Carry.

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  • Scott Komar

    The big question is, are we going to have to have a CHL to open carry (if that’s what you choose)? How will it work?

    • Niemand_Binich

      Yes, it appears you will still need government permission to carry a firearm.