Elite Carry

Para makes several 3-inch models including the Elite Carry, which is available at a suggested price of $949. While not a full custom like the Executive Carry, the shorter-gripped Elite model offers a standard match-grade, ramped barrel, a skeletonized match-grade trigger, a two-dot rear and green fiber-optic front sights, a beavertail grip safety, cocobolo double-diamond grips, a stainless steel slide and aluminum frame (with Ionbond anodized finish), and two 6-round mags.

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LDA Carry

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Para has also been an innovator in 1911 designs, creating the LDA (Light Double Action), a 1911-style .45 ACP with a hammerless DAO action. There are two .45 ACP versions, the LDA Carry with a 3-inch barrel and the LDA Officer with a 3.5-inch barrel. Both offer the advantages of carrying with the confidence of a DAO trigger and a loaded chamber (in respect to SA and carrying cocked and locked). Both models have a manufacturer’s suggested retail priced of only $1,025.


Para Warthog, Para USA, para USA warthog, warthog

Lest we forget the second baddest Para concealed carry 1911 on the planet, the Warthog. The name says it all! This short and stout, 3-inch-barrelled .45 ACP has a double-stack magazine and capacity of 10+1. True to Para’s craftsmanship, the Warthog is hand-tuned on a bench and test fired for accuracy. Each features a match-grade barrel, a crisp trigger and extra firepower. The Warthog is available in a standard version for $884 and in stainless steel for $919. With both models priced under a grand, they are among the smallest high-capacity .45 ACP concealed carry pistols available.

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For more information, visit http://www.para-usa.com or call 888-999-9386

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  • Herr Glock

    I own the Elite Carry. As you can tell from my “handle”, I like Glocks. A lot. However, I also like 1911’s, and the Elite Carry has been 100% reliable. I’ve put about 200 rounds through it without a single ftf, fte or any other issue. Don’t listen to the haters. These pistols are a BARGAIN. I had an extended ambi-safety installed on mine because I’m a southpaw. Other than that, it is just how I got it. The shorter grip has just enough area to grab, and does not print like the officers 7 round length does. The recoil spring is stiff, but has broken in nicely. Would I shoot 500 rounds in one sitting? NO. But the recoil is not bad at all. The aluminum frame keeps the weight at about 22 oz, and it’s very thin with thin profile grips, so it rides IWB great. I’ve been carrying it every day for about 3 months, and the finish has resisted holster wear and sweat very well. I’d compare these favorably to any Colt, Kimber or Springfield. I usually carried a CM-9 during warm weather, but sold mine in anticipation of the G-43. I’m planning on picking up the new Glock in a couple of weeks, but this gun will be back on my hip as soon as the leaves start to turn. Get them while you can. I doubt Remington will keep these around, at least not in their current hand fitted, match component variation. Lots of guns come and go from my safe, but this is a keeper.