House Bill 48 Continues to Get Push From Ohio Gun Advocates

If approved, House Bill 48 would allow concealed carry in churches and on college campuses, among many other currently restricted locations.

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House Bill 48 is receiving a lot of attention in Ohio.

If approved, the bill would allow concealed carry inside of churches, day-care centers, state buildings and airports, excluding security checkpoints.

In addition, concealed carry permit holders would be able to carry in school safety zones if the gun is left in the car. The bill also gives universities and colleges the option of allowing concealed carry handguns on campus.

According to the Ohio-based Record-Courier:

[Gun groups] told members of the Ohio House’s State Government Committee recently that such areas can become targets for criminals, knowing that law-abiding citizens won’t be armed.

Mike Newbern, a recent Ohio State graduate and founder of Buckeyes for Concealed Carry, said college campuses “present environments rich for potential victims.”

… [Newbern] and others offered proponent testimony on HB 48, which, among other provisions, would allow the carrying of concealed firearms into churches, daycare centers, private aircraft, college campuses and government buildings. Those locations still could choose to block concealed firearms on their premises and post signs on their entryways to that effect.

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