South Africa Home Invasion: Woman Shoots at Intruders | VIDEO

Home surveillance footage shows a woman opening fire on three intruders during a failed home invasion in South Africa.

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Photo by YouTube/Craven Coetzee

A South African woman opened fire on three intruders inside her home during a failed home invasion Tuesday night, and the entire incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

According to News24, Eastern Cape police spokesperson Alwin Labans said the female homeowner, 39, was awoken by strange noises inside her Port Elizabeth home between 2:00 and 3:00 am.

In the home surveillance footage, three men can be seen walking around inside the residence at around 2:25 am. They arm themselves with knives from the kitchen and grab some electric cables, presumably to tie up the woman and her boyfriend, who posted the video to YouTube with a play-by-play description of what went down.

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The woman grabbed her gun and went to investigate.

“She was in the passageway and the men were coming towards her. She ordered them to stop, but they kept coming forward so two shots were fired in their direction,” Labans said.

The surveillance footage shows the woman firing at the trio of home invaders, who manage to escape through a window. It’s unknown if they were hit by the gunfire.

Labans said the men stole the woman’s purse, which contained cash and credit cards.

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As Concealed Nation points out, there’s a strange point in the video where the woman’s boyfriend can be seen jumping out of bed at the sound of gunfire. When he gets up, he’s already holding a revolver in his hand. This might lead one to think that the video is staged, but several people commenting on YouTube said this is common practice in South Africa due to the high frequency of violent crime in the country.

The woman and her boyfriend were uninjured during the incident. Police are still searching for the suspects.

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  • Tye

    Yes, it definitely is common practice in South Africa. I sleep with my Glock 23 under my pillow, loaded ready to go. In fact the only time my firearm is not on me is when I jump in the shower, even then its concealed and at arms reach away. 9 time out if 10 if there’s a home invasion in S.A. someone is bound to end up dead.

  • Nick

    I almost believed it – but personally i think this video was staged and this is why – at mark 6:34 of the video the man jumps out of bed instantly holding a revolver in his right hand. Nobody sleeps holding a loaded pistol in his hand. I watched this video several times and it doesn’t look like it was under the pillow. In addition – who sleeps with a camera m in the bedroom! The bedroom is a a very private place where most of our intimate moments take place. Sorry but I think this was staged!