A crowdfunding campaign for the innovative new Gadget Striker Control Device from Pistol-Training.com is off to a great start, having already surpassed their initial goal of $40,000 after launching on July 10.

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According to the Indiegogo page, the Gadget replaces the slide plate on the back of your Glock with an all-steel, passive Striker Control Device. If thumb pressure is applied to the back of the gadget, the motion of the striker is blocked, which prevents the trigger bar from moving, which in turn prevents the trigger from being pulled.

Created and patented by Tom Jones & Todd Green and set to be produced and sold through Tau Development Group, the Gadget was inspired by the practice of applying pressure on the hammer of a hammer-fired handgun when holstering to prevent the gun from firing. This new product simply provides the same capability for the striker-fired Glock.

Best of all, the Gadget is passive in nature, meaning it doesn’t interfere with the action of the gun unless pressure is being actively applied by the end user. Your Glock will continue to fire and function as normal when using any standard firing grip.

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To contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for the Gadget Striker Control Device, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com

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  • I Don’t Get It

    OK I’ll be the first (maybe the only) to say it – but what a waste of money! Sorry if I offend any one but if the intention is to make the Glock more secure while in a holster as the indiegogo site states, then if is redundancy that is already built into the Glock (hence safe action pistol). The gun is not going to go off by it self in a holster!!! You are far better off spending the extra money for a level 2 or 3 retention holster if that is your reason for purchasing this. Furthermore I would not alter my Glock EDC with a product that has no proven track record.

    • throckmort

      It’s not to make the pistol “more secure while in a holster” but rather to prevent an AD/ND while placing the pistol into the holster (due to some foreign object such as your shirttail, drawstring on jacket, holster thumb break, etc. getting into the trigger guard). Using this device is the same as placing your thumb on the hammer while holstering a hammer fired gun.

  • John Smith

    Glocks do not go off unless you pull the trigger. Carried one for 20+ years and never went off unless I pulled the trigger. To each his own but seems unnecessary.

  • Dr. Richard (Rick) Wigginton

    Another question seeking an answer. GLOCK safe action pistols are drop proof. Of course, nothing is idiot proof for there are far more idiots in the world than there will ever be proof. GLOCKS do not fire unless the trigger is pressed. If one keeps the trigger in register while re-holstering, then, no ND should occur. This is a classic example of yet another unneeded “bell & whistle.” As friend, colleague and fellow instructor, John S. Farnam advises, most of these gadgets don’t make guns safer. They do, however, make them less reliable. As for my own thought, depending upon mechanical gadgets of any kind rather than relying on the safety lies not only between the hands but also between the ears, is an ND looking for a place and time to happen!

  • Shep Baxter

    I have actual hands on experience with this device which makes me vastly more knowledgeable than anyone else who has posted so far. I wrote an honest article about my literal years of experience here: http://goo.gl/X5x80b