Vietnam War Army Vet Takes Down Armed Robber in South-Central Georgia

Would-be armed robber Devin Burton was shot twice by Army vet Don Rogers at a gas station in Sycamore, Georgia.

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Photo by WALB

A Vietnam War Army veteran shot an armed robber at a gas station in south-central Georgia last Friday afternoon.

According to WALB, Don Rogers was getting a change for a $20 at the Marathon gas station in Sycamore when the incident occurred.

“I heard somebody say ‘put the money in the bag’. So I looked up and I seen this gentleman holding a pistol on the clerk,” said Rogers.

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Fortunately for the clerk, Rogers is a legal gun owner and he quickly pulled his firearm on the armed robber.

“And when I did, he looked over at me and turned my way and I fired a shot. And he grabbed his side and then I fired two more shots before he got out the door,” said Rogers, who appears to be an open carrier.

As WALB reports, the suspect — later identified as 18-year-old Devin Burton — was shot twice. Burton managed to climb into a getaway vehicle driven by 17-year-old Marleigh Agner. The two sped off, but quickly pulled over and dialed 911 after the severity of Burton’s injuries became apparent.

Agner was arrested and charged with accessory to armed robbery. As of last Friday, Burton was in critical condition in a hospital in Macon.

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Neither Rogers nor the clerk were injured during the shooting.

“I wish the day could’ve went by without this happening,” said Rogers. “I just did what I had to do”

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