Self-Defense Training Tips This Week on Guntalk TV

Top trainers Greg Lapin and Chris Cerino will help you take your defensive training to the next level this week on GUNTALK.

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The following is a press release from GUNTALK

This week on GUNTALK: Two top trainers – Greg Lapin with VATA Group, and Chris Cerino of Cerino Consulting and Training Group – demonstrate self-defense training skills.

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Covering everything from malfunction drills and mag reloads, to exercises like the Farmer’s Walk, the Bag Toss, and Buddy Carry, trainers Greg Lapin and Chris Cerino take to the range demonstrating drills and techniques, and discussing mindset and safety, with the goal of helping viewers take their defensive training to the next level.

Catch it on Pursuit Channel, and watch it again on GUNTALK’s YouTube Channel:

Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D

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