TriStar Launches TT-15 Line of Shotguns Designed for Trap Shooters

Designed in part with the help of professional trap shooters, the TriStar TT-15 is available in top-single, un-single and over/under options.

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Photo by TriStar Arms

The following is a press release from TriStar Arms

When it comes to high-performance “trap-specific” shotguns, affordable options are few and far between and often sacrifice quality for price. TriStar‘s new TT-15 line of shotguns offers shooters the best of both worlds – quality craftsmanship and performance with an affordable price.

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Designed in part with the help of professional trap shooters, the TriStar TT-15 is available in top-single, un-single and over/under options. Each model features a Monte Carlo stock and fully adjustable comb made from beautiful Turkish walnut and an elegant hand-engraved receiver with nickel finish. The TT-15 is also fitted with a high-standing 3-point adjustable rib, auto-ejectors and a fiber optic front sight.

The over/under TT-15 includes five extended color-coded Beretta/Benelli choke tubes, while the top-single and un-single models include three choke tubes.

“Quality trap guns have always commanded a higher price, which can be discouraging to those looking to participate in the sport,” said TriStar Sales and Marketing Manager Ryan Bader. “The TT-15 is not only a great entry-level gun, but one that will continue to perform for shooters at any skill level.”

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Each TT-15 shotgun is manufactured in TriStar’s Turkish partner facilities, and must pass the company’s rigorous quality control tests at nearly every step of production. And like all TriStar shotguns, the TT-15 line is covered by TriStar’s 5-year limited warranty.

TT-15 Over/Under

* Barrel length: 32 inches
* Weight: 8 pounds 8 ounces
* Chokes: 5 extended Beretta/Benelli style
* Length of Pull: 14 5/8-inches
* MSRP: $1,099.00

TT-15 Top-Single and Un-Single

* Barrel length: 34 inches
* Weight: 8 pounds 8 ounces
* Chokes: 3 extended Beretta/Benelli style
* Length of Pull: 14 5/8-inches
* MSRP: $999.00

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, TriStar Arms is a primary importer of quality Turkish shotguns and handguns. The company is driven by the same mission that it set out on since its inception – to provide high-performance firearms for hunters, recreational shooters and home defense at a fraction of the price and to deliver fast and friendly service at all times. Every firearm that TriStar Arms imports is rigorously tested throughout each stage of production to ensure that its customers receive value that can be passed down for generations.

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  • trainman

    Hi all,,,
    I was able to buy the O/U version of one of these TriStar Trap Guns thru a Gunbroker listing in early October.
    I found the idea of a reasonably priced Trap Gun rather appealing so I bought one.
    The price of these may be appealing, but the gun quality and customer service is awful.
    Out of the box the gun displayed several scratches and a few spots on the barrel where the bluing had not taken. the finish on the rib was comparable.
    The quality of the wood used on the stock was impressive. However the front stock looked like it came out of some gun production line parts barrel. It did not match the rear stock much the less even belong on a Trap Gun.
    The improved / modified choke screwed in fine, but the full choke had crossed threads and wouldn’t fit properly.
    Anyhow,,, I cleaned the gun up, somewhat adjusted the rib height, and went trap shooting.
    Before I continue please let me interject that I have been shooting for a very long time and shoot trap rather well.
    The first round of 25 thru the gun gave me a score of 5 broke birds.
    Naw,,, Not me. I never shoot that bad! What the???
    Then a friend and I took a close look at the gun.
    The entire barrel assembly was skewed. At the muzzle the rib was attached to the top barrel off of center and at an angle and the lower barrel was attached about 3/16 to the right of center line.
    To sum it all up, the gun was shooting 2 feet to the right of aim point at normal trap yardages.
    Returning home, over the next week I made several, un answered, warranty requests to TriStar. Finally, through the dealer, contact was made and I returned the gun to TriStar to have the barrel replaced along with the full choke.
    During the time they had the gun I made several inquiries as to the disposition of the repair work. Again,,, no replies or answers, this time from their service department.
    Finally after several weeks had passed, I received a phone call from some guy in the TriStar shipping department telling me they were returning the gun back to me.
    He could not, nor would not, tell me what work had been completed.
    Several days later what I received back from TriStar was the same gun, sans any repairs other than the full choke having the threads chased.
    Oh,,,, they said they patterned the chokes!
    As of this date, I cannot get any kind of response from TriStar.
    And now I’m basically stuck with a $1200 boat anchor.
    So do yourself a favor,,,, save your money, a lot of headaches, and buy something else.

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