Looking for a compact carry pistol but don’t want the snappy recoil of a .40 S&W? Take a look at the new BP380CC from Bersa. This new handgun has the same external dimensions as its larger-caliber brethren, but the BP380CC is chambered for the lower-pressure .380 ACP cartridge.

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Like the BP40CC, this gun is less than an inch thick. This makes it both easy to conceal and a very good fit in a wide variety of hand sizes. The grip is long enough for me to get a complete hand on for a full grip. A good grip, combined with the low-pressure cartridge, makes the felt recoil very light and controllable for fast follow-up shots.

Bersa uses a short-reset, double-action-only trigger in all of the BP series pistols, including this one. The trigger on my BP380CC is relatively light. Using a Lyman trigger-pull gauge, it measured 4 pounds on a 10-pull average.

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Even though the trigger and recoil characteristics make this gun interesting to someone with weakened hand strength, the recoil spring is relatively heavy. Most of the time, difficulties with slide manipulation can be overcome with correct technique.

The BP380CC holds eight rounds in the magazine, giving the shooter a total of nine rounds on tap before a reload. Considering the improved performance of modern defensive ammunition, nine well-placed rounds will likely cover the majority of self-defense situations in the real world.

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For more information, visit https://bersa.eagleimportsinc.com

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  • Dan

    I was planning on getting this earlier this year. Then I watched some videos on Youtube. The trigger mechanism is such that it tends to pinch the trigger finger. Almost everyone experienced it (even Hickok45), so it’s an inherent design flaw.

    Second, I also read that the trigger mechanism makes the pull very light, less than 5 lbs. It has no external safeties, not even a Glock-like trigger safety. It is so easy to actuate that Bersa does not recommend carrying it with a round in the chamber. Which is a shame since this would have been a great concealed carry weapon, but if the options are a dangerous hair trigger on a loaded chamber, or a CCW that needs to be racked before working (delaying its use in stressful situations), then it’s not a good option.

    • Eddie

      I have the BP9CC and love it. I have big hands and haven’t had the pinch issue. I saw the Hickok45 review and agree with what he said. If you put your finger deep in the trigger guard, you could get some finger pinch. The way i shoot, i have no issue. I naturally shoot with only the pad of my finger on the trigger, so i didnt have to make any adujstments. As far as the light trigger, I carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck and and fell completely safe carrying it. I wouldn’t suggest Mexican carry or using a holster like a Versa-carry, but as long as the trigger is covered and you know how to draw a firearm safely, I see no issue. Would not recommend it as someones first carry gun either. Contact any firearm manufacturer and ask if they recommend that you carry with one in the pipe. A dollar to a donut says they all discourage you from carrying like that. Bersa is just covering their assets from the guy that draws with his finger inside the trigger guard. You will be hard pressed to find a better gun at this price point. By far one of the best triggers I have shot, at any price.

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