When I worked for the government, we had console vaults in our Suburbans so that we could secure our firearms and any classified material that needed to be locked up. Little did I know that several years later I’d discover that the owner of Console Vault lives in the same town that I do, and that I’d have a chance to personally check out the long list of products his company makes (currently 76 and counting). Some of them are included in the gallery above. The bottom line is, you and I are very lucky to have so many options when it comes to securing our firearms whether directly in our vehicle or via a portable safe. This means that none of us have any excuse for allowing an unauthorized person access to our guns. Any of the gun safes and vaults mentioned here will help you keep your self-defense firearms secure and ready when you need them.


Console Vault
http://www.consolevault.com; 800-878-1369

http://www.truckvault.com; 800-967-8107

Tuffy Security Products
http://www.tuffyproducts.com; 800-348-8339


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