The addition of an aiming laser can help maximize your concealed-carry gun’s potential in the real world, and Crimson Trace is now offering its red laser LG-646 Lasergrips for Bersa’s .380 ACP Thunder Concealed Carry pistol.

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The LG-646 unit features durable polymer construction with exterior raised-dot texturing on each side that duplicates the standard stock panels on the Thunder Concealed Carry. The LG-646 features a rear activation pad—just hold the pistol and the laser activates instantly. The unique wrap-around, one-piece design has a backstrap and two slide panels that are set into place with the factory screws.


Continuing on its lineup of accessories for GLOCK pistols, Crimson Trace has also introduced a number of new aiming lasers for the GLOCK 42 and the new GLOCK 43. This includes the LG-443 with a red laser diode for the compact G42 and G43 pistols. The LG-443G green laser is also available for both models. GLOCK owners seeking green laser sights can opt for the LG-639G Lasergrips and the LG-452 Laserguard, which fit numerous Gen3 and Gen4 pistols. Crimson Trace offer nearly 20 products for a wide assortment of GLOCk pistols.

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