If you want rapid access to your small auto pistol, check out Tagua Gunleather’s Ultimate Pocket Holster. This holster disguises itself as a wallet but can be utilized in a moment’s notice.  As the product listing notes, the Ultimate Pocket Holster is made of premium leather, is ambidextrous and can carry several different .380 and .32 autos from Glock, Kahr, Kel-Tec, Kimber, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer and Colt. Suggested retail price is $33.90.

About Tagua Gunleather

Tagua Gunleather is celebrating 10 years in business. The company reached this important milestone because of their commitment to give you the best concealment holsters at a great price. The company stays true to its roots, and focuses on:

  •  Designs, durability and quality. All leather products are handcrafted with 100% genuine cowhide.
  •  A “no-questions-asked” Lifetime Warranty that guarantees your satisfaction.
  •  Comfort and convenience. Tagua designs great new products in response to evolving customer needs.
  •  Tagua is a socially responsible company and strives to be good corporate citizens.

For more information, visit https://www.taguagunleather.com


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  • Dwaine Dibbly

    If it’s in my pocket, I’d really like the trigger covered.