Virginia to End Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreement With 25 States

As of Feb. 1, 2016, concealed carry permits from 25 different states will no longer be recognized in Virginia.

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Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has announced that, as of Feb. 1, 2016, his state will no longer recognize concealed carry permits from 25 states that currently enjoy reciprocity with the Old Dominion.

The decision comes after Herring’s office and the Virginia State Police reviewed 30 states whose concealed carry permits were heretofore considered valid in Virginia.

“Their laws are not sufficient to prevent someone who is disqualified under Virginia law from receiving a concealed handgun permit. These states therefore do not meet Virginia’s standards for issuance of a concealed handgun permit or for recognition of such permits,” Herring said in a press release.

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Reuters says the new change would prevent people convicted of a felony, domestic abusers, those determined to be mentally ill or incompetent, recently convicted drunk drivers and dishonorably discharged military personnel from using a concealed carry permit from their state in Virginia.

“Plain and simple, Mark Herring is putting politics above public safety,” said Chris Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “This decision is both dangerous and shameful. The Attorney General knows that permit holders are among the safest groups of citizens in the Commonwealth and the country. At a time when people are scared and desperately need the ability to defend themselves, Herring has chosen the path of making self-defense harder.

“Those affected by this reckless political decision are law-abiding citizens – not dangerous criminals.  Attorney General Herring is putting lives at risk by removing the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves in the Commonwealth,” continued Cox. “The National Rifle Association will fight this decision in every arena possible.  Further, this reaffirms our commitment to enact national right to carry reciprocity legislation in Congress.”

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Concealed carry permits from the following states will no longer be recognized in Virginia: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Virginia will continue to recognize concealed carry permits from the following states: Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

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  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    Time to call the VA AG and indicate to him/her/it that you will NOT be vacationing, passing through, or spending you hard earned $ in that state. Our idiot AG did the same in PA and hopefully we will be getting rid of her as she lost her law license and is as corrupt as a dog’s hind leg (sorry to insult dogs). Our famous AG was funded by Nanny Bloomberg and there were enough “useful idiots” who fell for the line of BS.

  • PSCimo

    The Virginia State Seal shown (With the Image of a Warrior
    ‘Lady Liberty’ standing astride and pinning a slain Tyrant to the ground with
    her heel) has the Latin motto “Sic Semper Tyrannis”. My Latin is half
    a century stale but I translate that to: “So Always Tyrant(s)”…What a Sad
    Irony that A.G. Herring’s actions have REVERSED the Meaning and Image of the
    Seal completely. The State of Virginia is now the Tyrant astride the fallen
    Liberty…with Its heel (Jackboot) to Her neck. This must not stand.

  • DLLambert

    Note: as of 03/01/2016, the Commonwealth of VA set up a new gun law/AG policy. All 25 states were restored & changes were made. For updates, see the useful free site. is a good resource too. Always check state laws or statues before you travel. Don’t go by some guy in a bar or a gun show parking lot. Learn & understand your area’s gun/use of force laws. Join the NRA too. They fight hard to stop this BS & protect the 2A for gun owners.