We never know when evil will coming knocking on our door. Having a concealable pistol on your person can mean the difference between returning home to your loved ones or not, so choose your concealed carry pistol wisely. Determine the type of handgun, the caliber and how you will carry the pistol. Handle as many models as you can to find the one you can operate and shoot the best. Think of the dozen handguns on this list as carry-proven defense tools. All are proven performers and all have the ability to blend in with your everyday life so you will be ready if you should need it.


Beretta Nano

Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Charter Arms Off Duty

Colt Mustang Lite

Glock 42

Kahr CW380

Kimber Micro 9

Ruger LCP Custom

Sig Sauer P320 Subcompact

Smith & Wesson Ported M&P9 Shield

Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3

Taurus CIA 650


The Next-Gen Beretta Pico

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Swamp King: The Charter Arms Gator Revolver

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New For 2016: Kimber Expands Its Micro Lineup – And Adds a 9mm!

On The QT: Springfield’s XD(M) 4.5-inch Threaded Barrel Pistol

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  • Xavier Ramos Santoni

    No contest, Sig P320!

  • SemperFlyBoy

    Please fix this page. The descriptions do not match the slide show pictures.

  • yikesarama

    This list should be titled “12 Concealed Carry Handguns That We Are Promoting, 1 Per Manufacturer.” There could have been at least 5 Glocks, Ruger’s SR9C is much more powerful and ‘proven’ than their LCP, Smith & Wesson has a number of revolvers (say the 642) with 10000 times as many users as the M&P Shield. And why the ported version of the Shield (other than they are promoting it right now)? Should have had say, 3 Glocks, 3 S&W’s, 2 Rugers, 2 SIGS, and the rest Beretta and Kimber. But Charter Arms, Kahr, Bersa are not in this league. And lose ALL the .380’s in anything titled “proven.” OK, those are my opinions.

  • Stephen Reeves

    Never really considered caring any thing less than a 9mm. Maybe a .380 or a little person, but the .380 does not have the stopping power as any larger caliber and the .380 rounds are expensive. Have both Kahr CM9 and CW 45. Both very good quality, not expensive and have excellent reviews.

  • Stan Robertson

    Good choices for companies that PAY for the reviews!….No mention of the CZ P0 7, or the Walther PPQ M2 in 9mm…..not to mention the Ruger SR9C

  • Mark Cornett

    Only 1 model out of 12 available in California, Charter Arms Off Duty. One reason I don’t waste my money on Gun Mags anymore- can’t get any new and improved models. It might be easier to get a permit these days, but liberal politicians are “eliminating the only options for Californians to purchase numerous handguns that are commonly owned throughout the rest of the country.”

  • Scott

    Out of all the Kahr’s the CW380? Odd. The P380 is fantastic and, my edc choice, the PM9 is perfect. The LCP is as awful as the kel-tec it was copied from, the bersa is a brick and Charter/Taurus over the S&W? Come’on man.

    • SpkSnppr

      PM9 here. 100% reliable with any loads. 1000s of rounds fired.

  • Rod

    Proven? In what manner? What criteria and using what data?

  • Kevin Wark

    i would advise against the Bersa Thunder. Had one and got a lot of feed issues right out of the box. Never had a problem with my Springfield XDS…ever.