Indiana Man Holds Burglar At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

A 26-year-old Indiana man with a concealed carry handgun held a burglar at gunpoint until police arrived at his home last week.

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An Indiana man held a burglar at gunpoint inside his home until police arrived last Friday.

According to the South Bend Tribune, a 26-year-old homeless man was taking a commuter train from Michigan City to South Bend when he got kicked off at the Hudson Lake station after he was unable to pay the required train fare.

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He reportedly wandered through town until he came across a home located in the 8400 block of East 700 North. The unidentified suspect broke a window to gain entry, snatched up a couple of firearms, as well as clothing and food, and placed all of the stolen items into a duffel bag before allegedly taking a nap.

26-year-old truck driver Kody Marvel discovered the intruder inside his home. Luckily, he happened to be carrying a concealed handgun. He drew his weapon, disarmed the suspect and ordered him the lay on the concrete outside his home while he waited for police to arrive.

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The suspect was arrested and now faces a level 4 felony burglary charge.

”I’m just glad I had my gun on me,” Marvel told the South Bend Tribune.

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