Florida: Armed Teen Carjacker Shot By Concealed Carrier

A 13-year-old armed carjacker was shot by a concealed carry permit holder in North Miami Beach, Florida last week.

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Photo by WSVN

An attempted carjacking in North Miami Beach, Florida ended with the would-be victim shooting the armed suspect, sending him to the hospital last week.

According to WSVN, a Honda Civic stopped at the intersection of Northeast 159th Street and 16th Avenue was targeted by four teenage suspects. One of the suspects, a 13-year-old, approached the vehicle and reportedly drew a gun. The woman driving yelled out to the man in the passenger seat that the suspect was armed.

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“At that time, the passenger drew his firearm and shot two times,” said Detective Cora Mann of the North Miami Beach Police Department. “He was afraid for his life. He was protecting himself and his girlfriend.”

Police arrived and the injured carjacker was transported to an area hospital in stable but serious condition. The other three suspects fled the scene. They are still on the run. Thankfully, the would-be victims were uninjured.

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As WSVN reports, the 13-year-old suspect will be charged with attempted carjacking with a firearm after he is released from the hospital.

“First of all, what is a 13-year-old doing out after midnight? They should be in bed ready for school,” Mann said.

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  • Steve Merrette

    If obama had a son this 13 year old would be him… a worthless piece of street trash…

  • nohilderbeast2016

    make the parents pay the medical bills…it’s their fault the kid is out at that hour…then charge them for the ammo too…just to put a stick in their eye…